It’s no secret that while the world of work can be fun, many of us can usually be found looking into the distance dreaming of retirement. This has become a bit of a pipe dream for many over the years, with retirement age rising alongside the cost of living, making it harder and harder to save the cash needed to enjoy your twilight years in luxury. But, this hasn’t stopped people from trying. A new movement of radical savers, who call themselves the Fire movement, have designed their lives around making enough money so they can retire before 50. Maybe this seems a little radical to you, but, below, you’ll find four ways to help you save to achieve financial independence in time for retirement.


Seek advice


Firstly, before you do anything, you should seek advice on achieving financial independence. There are plenty of companies out there that can talk you through everything you need to know, from when financial independence usually happens and how people go about it. They can also provide advice on what you need to be saving and if there are any ways to fulfil your goals sooner. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be much more aware of the world of financial independence and how to achieve it with confidence.


Be frugal


This may sound obvious, but it’s one of the easiest things you can do when it comes to saving your money. Most months, you probably wonder where your money goes, and if you sat down and took a hard look at your expenses, you’d see that a lot of it goes on nothing. From keeping an eye on your utility bills and constantly shopping around to see if there are cheaper options, to creating meal plans to ensure you don’t have food waste and swapping out branded items for non-branded, it’ll all add up.


Grow your income


Again, this may sound like something you’ll be looking to do anyway, whether it’s from a better paid job or a promotion and pay rise. But, do you have a job that can be done on the side too? Maybe you work in computers, in which case you can provide help outside of work to those that need assistance, helping you to raise more money each month, which you can automatically put away into savings. There are plenty of jobs this can be done with, or you can even start up a little side hustle like dog walking to help raise those extra pennies while also getting out of the house more.




From the stock market to the business of a friend, investing is a great way to make big returns. Although it may seem a little risky, the returns can be huge, and when seeking advice you’ll be able to get more information on this. However, one thing to remember is, the niche markets may not seem very sexy, but they often help to bring high returns, which is just what you need. And there you have it, a few ways to help you raise that cash to ensure you can retire happily, and hopefully, early.

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