Your business almost certainly has a LinkedIn presence. Are you doing everything you can to get the most out of that presence — which, after all, comes with free exposure to hundreds of millions of regular users worldwide? Chances are good that you’re not getting the most out of LinkedIn. Fortunately, this is a relatively straightforward deficiency to correct. These six strategies will help your organization approach LinkedIn with fresh eyes and build the sort of presence that really turns heads.


  1. Make Sure Your Corporate Information and Contact Details Are Accurate


It sounds basic, but you’d be surprised how many businesses forget to tend to this straightforward little line item. Inaccurate or out-of-date corporate information and contact details are kryptonite to your organization’s credibility, and they’re likely to actively jeopardize your lead generation efforts besides. At your earliest convenience, take 30 minutes to make sure everything is shipshape.


  1. Post Content Consistent With Your Brand Identity


Plan and post LinkedIn content that’s consistent with your corporate brand and identity. Centre for Arts & Technology, a British Columbia-based digital arts school, has this exactly right: its LinkedIn content embraces and celebrates its core brand values, leaving no illusions about what it stands for. Take a page out of its book.


  1. Connect With Your Employees


How many employees does your organization have? Whatever the answer, its total number of internal LinkedIn connections should be close to or equal to that figure. For prospective customers, company profiles with thin or nonexistent internal connections beg the question: If its own employees aren’t engaging with this company, why should I? 


  1. Post at Least One Longform Article Per Week


Publish at least one longform LinkedIn article per week. Shoot for at least 500 words, and longer if you feel you have more to say. Cross-posted blog content is fine when you’re strapped for content generation resources, but original content is optimal.


  1. Tag Influencers and Key Employees Liberally


Publishing content is one thing. Making sure it reaches the right people is quite another. When appropriate, tag industry influencers and key employees in your posts, drawing them into the conversation and alerting them that you have something valuable to say. But you have to make sure that your profile is appealing to them. One idea of boosting your image would be to buy LinkedIn connections as the more you have, the more affluent and appealing you can appear to be. However, do not go too overboard with this strategy. Gaining 1000 connections overnight can appear suspicious to the influencers and key employees you are trying to connect with.


  1. Deploy Visual Content Wherever Possible


LikedIn has a reputation as a text-first social platform, and it’s certainly amenable to dense prose. But the most successful LinkedIn posts generally incorporate rich visuals. Resolve to publish at least one such post per week, even if it’s just a repost of an infographic originally published elsewhere, or a throwaway meme you created at the last minute. Your audience will respond — and your LinkedIn game will be stronger for it.


Up Your LinkedIn Game Today


What are you doing to up your LinkedIn game today? If you’re trying out any of the six strategies discussed above, you’re on the right track. But, just like most other worthwhile things, a continued successful LinkedIn presence requires constant measuring and monitoring. Knowing how to manage your LinkedIn ecosystem is almost more important than understanding how to create content that resonates with audiences. See the good OctopusCRM reviews to know details in respect of Linkedin growth service tools. Think you’ve got what it takes? Here’s to a LinkedIn presence of which you can truly be proud.


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