Data from a small business and startup finance provider has revealed that since 2016, female entrepreneurs received just 44p for every £1 awarded to men in startup and small business funding. That’s despite women having a higher application approval rate than men when applying for business finance. The shortfall is due to women entrepreneurs applying in significantly lower numbers and asking for £18,000 less on average, according to analysts at

Access Commercial Finance

. Here are some of the key points that can be withdrawn from the survey:

  • Since 2016, women received 44 pence of business funding for every £1 awarded to men

  • Researchers say this is because women ask for £18,000 less than men on average when applying for startup funding

  • Women who do apply for funding have an 18% higher success rate than men

  • Small business finance consultant says men are receiving the majority of funding due to sheer volume of applications, even though women-led business are “more fundable”

The study by

Access Commercial Finance

found that only 16% of applications received since July 2016 were submitted by women. The firm handled 833 applications in total during that time period, but only 135 of those applications came from women. Men made 698 applications for funding during the same period. However, the research showed that the women who did apply for funding had a success rate 18% higher than men. 13% of applications from women were successful, compared to 11% from men. Not only are women less likely to apply for funding than men, they also ask for less money on average when they are do apply. Based on applications where the full amount applied for was awarded, women received £22,162 each - £28,476 less than men, who received £50,638 each on average. This works out to 44p for every £1 awarded to men. Overall, due to men making 84% of the funding applications, they received the vast majority of funding awarded - £4,051,052 in total. Women received £332,437. Matt Haycox, consultant at Access Commercial Finance, says: “This data shows us that women are on average either better at putting together a funding proposal for their small businesses, or they just have more fundable businesses. Either way, it’s potentially good news for women-owned businesses and startups. “But given the low application rate and low funding request amount for women, men are still getting most of the cash due to sheer volume of applications. “We hope our data gives any woman considering applying for business funding the confidence to do so.”