Our world is moving forward rapidly and does not stand still for a moment, but many people still do not know the basic personal data protection rules. Everyone should be familiar with the cybersphere. Sometimes the hotkey “Ctrl+Z” does not work.

Use strong passwords


Sometimes we all lack imagination. It's time to use the password manager. In 2021, these programs have a wide range of functions and save you when you need to choose the perfect data protection. Thanks to Dashlane, you can easily create, import, save, share passwords; the expert opinion about it is here. When entering logins and passwords, you do not need to perform two-factor authentication several times because the program can be easily relied on. Many skilled engineers worked on application development, which inspires the trust of the client.


You should remember the rules for creating the most secure passwords. The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) 2017 has highlighted the basic rules:


  • combination of letters, numbers, and symbols in one password;
  • use uppercase and lowercase letters in one password;
  • minimum number of characters - 8, maximum - 16;
  • one password for one site;
  • easy password memorization;


We recommend that you use the password management tool. In no case, they can become public. You should also reset the password you forgot.


Think seven times and then click


Not all links are as harmless as they seem at first glance. Phishing scams never sleep. Sending thousands of emails with viruses every day is a normal working day for hackers. If you do not want to become a victim, first of all, follow our previous tips. You also don't need to read open suspicious emails. Think like a journalist. Be rational, weigh the pace on the Internet, and distinguish good from bad information. Always question statements you subconsciously want to believe. Develop critical thinking. This means following your digital footprint. Make sure you leave your accounts after review or close your credit card access application. This includes deleting social networks that you do not use.


Keep track of your online accounts


The risks are growing every day. Especially to acquaint the public with the basic data security rules, created the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. Usually, the name of the document is better known as GDPR. Experts have provided what is most useful, and we have described and justified the rules that will save your data from fraudsters.


There are a lot of malicious links on the Internet, Trojan viruses that are hidden in links that seem to be completely harmless. If a large company loses important information due to incorrect linking, it can cost millions of dollars lost. Cybersecurity matters to every user. Previously, fraudulent information could be stolen directly by hackers and then passed on to other fraudsters. Now scammers don't even have to leave the house to damage your personal information.


Stay tuned for software updates


Each program helps to identify the main threats. At the same time, make sure that the antivirus works for browsers. Browsers also need to be updated. The world does not stand still, respectively, and it is beneficial for everyone to add modern capabilities to browsers. The same applies to updating plugins, applications. Cyber-hackers' job is to scan various sites and software to find vulnerabilities, and regular updates prevent this.


Filter information


Keep track of what you add about yourself on social media and various sites. As in nature, nothing arises out of nowhere, and nothing disappears without a trace on the Internet. Use only the most important things when filling out the questionnaire so that hackers do not use personal data against yourself. Sometimes it is good to be hyper-cautious, well at least a little. That will help you avoid unnecessary and unforeseen problems later.


Two-factor authentication


Multifactor or two-factor authentication is a reliable method for protecting information that everyone should know about. As a rule, when you go to the site, you enter the login and password. With two-factor authentication, you must enter another secret word or perform a fingerprint authentication. The two-step verification includes even more authentication methods. Access to your information will be confidential, and only you will be able to access it. Hackers can guess passwords. Many users put their date of birth, name, and surname or hometown. Therefore, two-factor authentication rushes to the rescue.


The malware activities in 2021 function like any other sector of the economy; they spread viruses to people who don't read regular newsletters and make money from them. It would be much harder for Internet hackers to work if everyone at least checked their passwords for security and did not follow suspicious links.


Backups are essential


People often underestimate data backup. It is important to know that this should be done regularly. Rule 3-2-1 is used to protect information effectively. This means you store important information in three types: cloud storage, local, and external hard drive.


Avoid using public Wi-Fi


If you have a virtual private network installed, then you and the data on your device are securely protected. When VPN is enabled, the scammer cannot decrypt the required traffic.

If you do not have a VPN, it is better to use your mobile data.



Business is impossible without quality Internet access. That's why many companies create separate wifi for themselves. Today, there are many options for wireless broadband and everyone chooses the best for themselves. Among the factors to consider are speed, subscription price, bandwidth, reliability.


Final Thoughts, Fiber, Cable Internet, Fixed Wireless, Satellite are the most popular types of Internet communication for every business. These resources provide security and confidence that work will be productive and should not depend on network problems. After all, there are no problems with such networks.


If you or your friends have never had a scam by online scammers, it does not mean that they do not need you. In any case, additional circumspection is never bad when talking about the Internet. Use our advice and keep your data safe!