The tech company also declares a new major addition to their Advisory Board with blockchain expert Dinis Guarda joining up the team

Software developer Glance Technologies launched a new version of its Glance Pay Merchant app, which will allow merchants to download an app and start accepting Glance payments and rewards within minutes. At the same time, the Vancouver based company announced blockchain expert Dinis Guarda as new adviser for their advisory board.

So far, they new payment app will be “secure, simple and intelligent way to pay” as it has been engineered with security and ease of usage in mind. “Glance Pay Mobile Payment App technology boasts state of the art capabilities. Its accounting features are designed for easy record keeping for both merchants and users alike.” said at Glance Technologies.

Unlike many of the other services, which require custom hardware, an extra expense and time consuming barrier, Glance's track record of success with it's anti-fraud technology means it doesn't need custom hardware for swiping cards or using chip and pin machines.

Desmond Griffin, CEO, stated: "We are excited about opening our merchant app to a much larger audience and allowing them to get up and running very quickly with our upcoming app. And if you look ahead, custom hardware is not required to process cryptocurrency payments, and thus we believe we are well positioned with this new app."

The app is already available for download on Android devices and Iphone.

They new payment app will be “secure, simple and intelligent way to pay”

Blockchain expert Dinis Guarda joins the team

On the other hand, the company announced a new major name for its extensive team. Expert Dinis Guarda, one of the most influential blockchain expertise has proclaimed that he will join the company's advisory board.

"I like the Glance Technologies vision and I'm excited to be on board to help develop its blockchain solution. With its mobile payment technology and its position as a publicly traded company, Glance has enormous potential in the cryptocurrency space,” said Dinis Guarda.

Mr Guarda has been ranked 5th most influential influencer in Blockchain in the world by Right Relevance and his name is known in all corners of the blockchain world.

At Glance, they are confident that this new addition will secure the teams to develop a potential initial coin offering for a rewards based cryptocurrency to be integrated with the Glance Pay mobile payment network and to provide strategy and assist Glance in building a premium advisor crypto network. With more than 20 years in international business and digital transformation, Guarda has been involved in various new digital top 100 digital currencies.

For Glance Technologies President, Penny Green, "Dinis adds tremendous value to our advisory team through his extensive network and his deep knowledge and experience in fintech and blockchain. We plan to work with Dinis and our other advisors to build Glance a world leading cryptocurrency advisory network with 20 - 30 members."

The Future of merchants, at Glance

According to expert website stockhouse, Glance is building a valuable network of merchants and consumers, offering targeted in-app marketing, geo targeted digital coupons, social media marketing, and custom rewards programs.

Glance Pay has entered into significant licensing agreements to access fitness, wellness, foreign student and tourist markets through Cannapay Financial, Active Pay Distribution and Euro Asia Pay Holdings.