Businesses of all shapes and sizes should be aware of climate change. Global warming is a complex and monumental issue, with its effects becoming more and more visible as the years pass by. With that said, the days of deciding whether to go green or not are long gone. This is because it’s universally accepted that we all must play a part and do what we can in reducing our carbon footprint to limit global warming and, ultimately, help protect the planet.

Whether you’re new to the business game or you’ve been running a venture for many years, it’s never too late to make changes in your operation to become greener. Here are some practical ways on how your company can become more eco-friendly today.


Conserve Water

One significant step business owners can take towards becoming more environmentally friendly is conserving water. You may not realise it, but your company could be wasting gallons of water which could see you paying a fortune in bills each month. Something as simple as fixing a leaky faucet could save you a ton of money. Look into installing eco-friendly water systems too. Doing so will stop unnecessary wastage. Make sure that you get your employees on board too. Reminding them to switch off taps and be mindful of water usage will pay off.


Use Green Cleaning Products

When it comes to keeping your business premises sparkling clean, what products are you using to achieve this? If you pick up anything off the shelf, you could be using harmful chemicals that aren’t great for the environment. The chemicals in most cleaning products can be damaging to your health too. Where possible, it’s best to stick with non-toxic products. There are plenty of natural ingredients you can use to keep your office spick and span, like white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.


Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

One super simple way to make your business greener is by getting into the habit of recycling. Having some bins around your business premises for recycling purposes is key. One could be for cardboard; another could be for plastic. Make sure to label them, and you’ll find employees will quickly get into the habit of using them. All households now have to separate rubbish, so make sure to instil the same way of thinking into your business. It may take time to get the entire workforce on board, but once you start recycling, you could even save your business money!


Think About Travel

If you’re going to and from the office in your car, think about how much petrol you’re guzzling away. All of the fumes going into the atmosphere isn’t helping the planet! Now is the time to take a closer look at your mode of transport. Those who live within close proximity to their business should consider walking to work rather than taking the car. If you do live far away, one change you could make today is to switch your vehicle for an electric one. Electric cars are much better for the environment. ElectriX are experts when it comes to electric vehicles. They can guide you through the basics of electric cars, the costs involved, and why it makes sense to opt for one today.


Invest In Energy Efficient Appliances

Pay some attention to the appliances you use in your business. Have they seen better days? If your appliances are years old, it may be time to invest in new ones. The good news is most new electronic items feature energy star ratings on them. This lets you know how efficient they are. If you’re ready to replace appliances, it’s wise to do an energy check to see which ones are most beneficial in regard to low energy usage.


Change Lighting

When it comes to a typical office environment, you’ll be surprised that lighting is attributed to a large proportion of energy wastage. Understandably, the lightest time of day will be the average 9-5 workplace. If there are lots of windows and light can easily flood into the workplace, why have lights on at all? The best place to start is investing in lights that switch themselves off manually while inactive. You should also look into replacing traditional bulbs with energy efficient ones. The latter may be more expensive to buy, but they will last far longer and of course, are better for the environment.

We’re not going to lie and say your actions alone are going to change the world. But, if all businesses follow suit and become greener in the way they do things, this can be hugely beneficial for the environment and slow down global warming. 

Try out any of the above today, and you can rest assured knowing that you’re doing everything possible to help protect the planet and everyone living on it.