Best Advice on Why do you Need to Hire an Editor for your Dissertation?

When you are close to graduation you probably have many challenges. One such challenge is submitting a professionally written dissertation. Indeed, dissertations should be of the highest quality because this is the research paper that represents your ability to conduct the research, format the paper, and show your overall attitude to education.

Therefore students may think about whether they need to hire a talented editor for your dissertation before submission. No matter what you need, edit or proofread dissertation, the professionals at ThesisGeek can assist you with each of these services. If you have never used the services of a dissertation editing company you should not worry. You can simply, and read all the information regarding the types of services ThesisGeek and how to use them.

Now let's find out more about proofread vs copy edit of dissertation because students are often puzzled about which service they should better choose for their specific case.

Dissertation Editing and Proofreading: Difference

When a student finishes writing their dissertation they may have doubts about whether they have written it with the highest quality. There is no other choice but to order professional services and let the editing expert look through your paper. 

However, when you visit the dissertation help website you may see two different types of editing services for your dissertation help: 

  • Editing: it is a basic and deep type of editing, which includes the comprehensive revision of your dissertation. The writers will check all the aspects of the dissertation. Firstly, they will make sure that the content you included in your dissertation is appropriate and will correct any inconsistencies. Secondly, according to the dissertation editing help, the writers will make sure that the formatting of your paper is correct. For instance, if your dissertation is written in APA, they will make sure that it is formatted according to the latest guidelines. They will ensure that the headings, in-text citations, and reference page are correct. Finally, dissertation editors will make sure that your paper does not contain any grammar mistakes. So basically, editing is a broad service that can be applied to the dissertation which should be completely checked.
  • Proofreading: proofreading is the less powerful editing service. Here the writers have a bit different duties and should not do a deep revision of the text compared to editing. Proofreading service means that the writer corrects rather mechanical mistakes such as inconsistencies in grammar, inappropriate use of words, phrases, and terminology, and formatting margins. Best dissertation editing services also correct typos. Therefore, you should order this type of service if you are sure that your dissertation does not have any problems with content and formatting.

These are the main differences between dissertation editing and proofreading. Shortly: use editing if you need deep revision, and proofreading if you need superficial check, or use this guide to remind yourself of the difference between services.

Where to Find Dissertation Editing Company

If you are thinking about the dissertation editing services near me, the answer is much simpler. In the modern world, you do not need to go anywhere to order dissertation editing services. All you need to do is to go to the web and type ThesisGeek or the name of any other company you know. After that, you should do all the actions online: upload the order, pay for the work, and receive the edited dissertation types in Docx.

How to Hire a Dissertation Editor

Now that you know where you can find a dissertation editing company, it is time to find out how to hire an editor for dissertation. You will not be able to meet your dissertation editor in person because the editors work anonymously. When the client goes to the website, they post a request for editing and the professional who is available will start working on it. However, you should take time to explain what exactly you want from the editor so that the price is calculated appropriately.

What Are Dissertation Editing Rates

Dissertation editing services rates are different and vary depending on the company. All companies have different ratings for different types of services such as proofreading and editing. 

To find out the rates of one of the services you should review the prices which are outlined in the price list. The editing usually starts from $5 per 100 words and proofreading is usually one dollar cheaper. One page consists of 300 words so you may expect order editing services from $15 per page. 

So now you know how to find dissertation editing services and know what approximate price to expect. If you need to know the exact price the situation is different. You need to visit the company and go directly to order. You should share all the details regarding the order:

  • Number of pages: you need to mention how long is your dissertation and how many pages should the writer edit. You should mention the number of all content pages you have written.
  • Deadline: your professor probably waits for the dissertation to be delivered due a specific date. You should mention it in the deadline section, for instance, to be delivered due to 01.05. 
  • The type of service: it is also important to outline which specific service you expect to receive help with. Formatting style should also be mentioned.

All these factors will affect the price you will pay for the dissertation, so you will be able to see it before paying for the dissertation.