Manipulation is influencing someone's ideas, thoughts, and way of doing things through deceptive or abusive tactics. This behaviour is common among contractors. They approach their clients in a friendly manner intending to achieve a motive. To ensure that your contractor does not manipulate you, make sure you have a slight idea of how the project should be executed. Communication is an essential tool in the relationship between contractors and homeowners. With a transparent and well-designed communication channel, no party will take advantage of the other. The following tips will prevent you from being manipulated by your contractor.

Be Rigid of What You Want

Know what you want and have a slight idea of how you want your work done. Before approaching a contractor, make informed choices of what you want. The contractor will respect your decision and strive to work with you. However, don't be too unbending to the extent that you cannot be advised. Prior planning will prevent defects, which can increase the project cost.

Avoid Self-Blame

When things go wrong, contractors will look for a way of connecting you to the source of the wreckage. A manipulative contractor has vast tactics in making you feel inadequate. When you start blaming yourself, you fall to the trap, and your manipulator gets satisfied. Remember, you are not the problem; the contractor is just looking for ways to achieve his motive. When you parade your weakness, you are more likely to surrender your rights. Ask yourself a few questions to ensure that the contractor's demands and expectations are reasonable. This will ensure that the next day delivery is done well.

Use Time Pretty Well

A manipulative contractor will rush you to answer right away. When under pressure, you are more likely to accept unreasonable requests. Take control of the situation and request the contractor to allow you to think about it. When you take control of the situation, you will have enough time to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the situation.

Know Your Rights

Several rules and regulations govern how contractors operate. They must adhere to the set codes of standard and offer services that meet the required standards. As a client, you need to know your rights and be alert to know when they are being violated. When defending your rights, be keen enough not to harm or intimidate your contractor. Being respected, expressing your opinion, and setting your priorities are some of the rights you should freely enjoy as the client.

Approach A Bully Contractor Safely

Some contractors go to the extent of intimidating or harming their clients. If you happen to work with a bully contractor, remain firm, and defend your opinion. Such people enjoy dealing with people who pose as weak and undecided. Most bullies are cowards who want you to accommodate their intimidation. Once you show then that you are sturdy, they back down and respect your feeling.

Keep Distance

Manipulators have different faces in front of different people. To some people, they tend to be calm and polite, while to others, they tend to be fiercely aggressive. When you find that your contractor has this behaviour, keep a distance. Only involve him when it is essential. 

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