The business world has its ups and downs. One minute, you’re riding the wave and enjoying the ups, but then you come crashing down and have to do everything you can to stop yourself from sinking. No matter what industry you work in, this can be a familiar feeling when you have to deal with clients and customers, especially in a business to business setting. As much as you need them to keep your business running and ready to grow, customers can cause a lot of chaos and test your patience. But, as long as you can learn how to handle them, it should all seem worth it in the end.

Bad Attitude

One of the worst kinds of clients? The ones with the bad attitudes. We’ve all come across them. They’re rude to you, they belittle you, they believe they’re better than you, and they want to be your primary focus. It’s exhausting - especially when they’re not your biggest paying customer. But to keep their business, you have to keep them happy. So, you need to take that attitude on the chin and realize it’s their issue and not yours. Just think of the business.

Late Payments

Then you come across the customers that can never seem to pay on time. You know they have the funds as they’re doing pretty well for themselves, but they never pay up. You have to chase and chase and then some to get the money you’re owed. But don’t sweat if, if there’s a problem, iron it out or look into cashflow finance that can remove the problem completely. As long as you get paid at some point, and their business is worth keeping, don’t let it break your cool.


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Changing Minds

When you’re working on a huge project, you’ve already put money into it, and it seems to be going great, you can feel like you’re on a roll. Then, your chaotic client changes their minds about what they want. Whether it's a small detail or the whole thing, it can cause you a lot more work. When this happens, you sometimes have to cut your losses or bite the bullet and get it done. You will need to workout what their business is worth to you to decide whether to proceed or not.

Pushing Boundaries

Similarly, you’ll often find that customers like to push boundaries. When that’s the case, it can feel like they’re testing you too. Whether they’re asking for more work but expecting not to pay for it, refusing to pay for things that should definitely be paid for, or continuously asking for things to be redone, this may be the point when you part ways. Remember, business is business, and if you’re not making money, it’s not worthwhile.

Damaging Your Image

Finally, you’ll also find the clients that just damage your own image. Whether you’re harming yourself by association, or they actually go as far as defamation, you’re going to want to think about cutting them loose. Again, if you’re losing business or your entire company could be at risk, it’s really not worthwhile.