Hilton Supra, vice Chairman of Ztudium Group, interviews Nicole Witt, the Executive Director of The Adoption Consultancy, an agency that specialises in facilitating newborn adoptions within an expedited time frame of 3 to 12 months, offering families vital knowledge and support in the latest episode of citiesabc YouTube podcast. The two discuss the importance of an open and transparent landscape of shared parenting in an adoptive environment. The interview is live on citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil YouTube channels.

The concept of an open shared parenting plays a key role in fostering healthy adoptive environments. This approach goes beyond traditional roles, encouraging both, birth parents and adoptive parents, to actively engage in the child's upbringing. 

During the interview, Nicole emphasised the importance of collaborative and supportive parenting practices. According to her, shared parenting in adoptive families involves a joint commitment to providing love, stability, and a nurturing environment for the child. This collaborative effort, she says, helps create a sense of security, trust, and belonging for the child, fostering a positive and supportive family dynamic.

The most important stakeholder in this scenario is the child itself. It is critical to understand how society functions, to how children feel about themselves, and to how they grow up and interact in the world. So, our focus should be on how we, as a society, can best support the child and the participant families in navigating that right”, she told Hilton.

She also highlighted the significance of embracing diversity, not just for the adopting parents, but also for the society as a whole. She explained that adoptive families often come together through diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Shared parenting encourages adoptive parents to embrace and celebrate this diversity, providing the child with a rich and inclusive environment. 

I think just spreading that awareness to everybody that it is an important part of our society, and we should all benefit if we understood it more and could provide more support”, she said.

Nicole Witt: An advocate of an open shared adoptive parenting

Nicole Witt is Executive Director of The Adoption Consultancy as well as a frequent speaker on adoption and infertility. The Adoption Consultancy is an unbiased resource serving pre-adoptive families by providing them with the education, information and guidance they need to safely adopt a newborn, usually within 3 to 12 months. Nicole has helped hundreds of people to realize their dream of becoming parents.

Nicole earned her BA from Lehigh University and her MBA from Cornell University. She spent over 10 years in Management Consulting and Strategic Marketing before founding The Adoption Consultancy.

Nicole is recognized as an information source. She serves as an Expert Witness in adoption-related cases. She has been interviewed by Today, World News Tonight, Daytime, Redbook, More magazine, E! Online, and many radio programs. She has also been interviewed for articles appearing on www.WebMD.com and www.CBSNews.com. Her articles have been featured in local and national publications such as “Family Building” magazine.

Nicole is a member of the Florida Adoption Council. Nicole is also an active professional member of RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, served on the Resolve Editorial Board and co-founded the Tampa chapter of the organization in 2007.

To know more about Nicole Witt, visit https://www.openbusinesscouncil.org/wiki/nicole-witt

About Hilton Supra

Hilton Supra is a business and financial industry veteran and thought leader. Hilton has more than 30 years of Finance, Investment, Banking, and Asset Management experience in international markets namely London, Europe, Africa, and Asia. This while having a passion for growing businesses, fashion, and new technologies, especially fintech and blockchain where he has been deeply involved since these technologies' inception. Now, Hilton is co-leading the fashion directory fashionabc as well as technology startup Ztudium, a builder of 4IR platforms (using blockchain, AI and IoT data analytics).

From Quantitative Asset Management, Capital Markets, Trading software, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity, Hilton has worked for Morgan Grenfell, Deutsche Bank, AXA Investment Management, EIM Fund of Hedge Funds (responsible for $2.4bn of $13bn), and Cheyne Capital.

Hilton is a graduate in Engineering from Oxford Brookes University and a Master's in Finance at London Business School. Hilton has always been on the leading edge of innovation and technology in banking, derivative trading, quantitative asset management, hedge funds, and since 2015 the application of FinTech, AI, and blockchain to enterprise solutions.

Hilton Supra is a partner and board member at ztudium, and the co-founder and one of the leading personalities driving techabc, openbusinesscouncil.org and fashionabc.org platforms.

Learn more about Hilton Supra on https://openbusinesscouncil.org/wiki/hilton-supra

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