Renovating your first home is always going to be a mammoth task but it is also an incredibly fun one. You’ll have to start from the ground up and decide on the materials you want to use, the extent of the work to be done and the design of it all afterwards. If you are new to renovating and you will be attempting the feat on your own, here are some quick tips to help you.


Level it out


The first and most crucial thing you need to do when you are renovating and adding to your home is to make sure you have a solid foundation to work with. It is crucial that you lay a flat foundation before building on top of it because this will act as the support for your structure. You can find a Mini Digger for Sale or hire and level out the ground in quick time and then level it out to create a base for your project.


Budget for it


It is so important that you budget for your home renovations and that you don’t stray away from that budget even for a second. Set a strict budget when you start which covers and exceeds what you think you’ll need and make sure that you stick with it all the way through and don’t get carried away with fun features or extra gubbins. Factoring a home warranty plan into your renovation budget is also strongly recommended. The appliances and systems in your home can sometimes need repairing or replacing, and a home warranty company can help you to source local contractors to get everything in your property working at its best. Home warranty plans are available throughout the US, but if you live in Indiana for example, you can learn more about some of the different types of home warranty plans on the First American website here:


Bargain materials


Whenever you buy anything in life it is always good to look for a bargain, and when it comes to a home renovation project you should be able to find bargains in a lot of places. Look for slightly out or range flooring and tiles, for deals on bulk buying bricks and cement, and see if you can get anything secondhand or for free. There will always be ways to save on building material so make sure to take advantage of it.


Add storage… lots of storage


Storage is always going to be your best friend in your home, and when you come to play around with the house and add more features, you should take the opportunity to add a cupboard or two for food measure. It can be super useful to bring storage into the home and the more you have, the more things you can own!


Windows are key


Windows will be the number one priority when it comes to creating a perfect home and the reason for this is that windows bring light into a space and make it feel more spacious and bright. When planning an extension or renovating your existing home make sure to add in a few extra windows and it will make all the difference to your home afterwards.


Employee family


The best way to get a job done quickly is to ask your family for a bit of help. If they have a free day over the weekend you can rope them into helping you in exchange for a cup of tea and a sandwich or two! You’ll get the job done much quicker and it’s an excuse to spend some time with your family.


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