In the challenging times we have now found ourselves in, many businesses have grinded to a halt. If you have been ordered to run your operation virtually, you may have to host virtual events as a way to promote your brand and bring new clients on board.

Whether it’s a product launch, webinar, or meeting, here are 5 tips on how to host a successful virtual business event.


Understand Your Audience


Before deciding on whether a virtual business event will be beneficial, you need to get a grasp on who your audience are and if they’re able to use technology to view proceedings. For example, if your main demographic are seniors, it’s likely that they won’t be very tech-savvy, making the idea of a virtual event pointless, whereas if your event is intended to bring new clients in, you stand a far better chance of them knowing their way around the internet.


Find the Right Host


The speaker that you choose for your business event can be the difference between engaging viewers and consumers switching off. Whether you’re wanting to promote a new product or host an important meeting, it’s vital that you pick a host who possesses excellent communication skills and knows how to captivate an audience. Speakers Corner are one of the leading booking services that many event organisers collaborate with to help take the pressure off.  They stand out in today’s current market as they have nearly 1000 virtual event speakers who can deliver webinars/virtual events as and when needed. If you want an external speaker to host your event, you can just browse through those who are relevant to your industry.


Pick a Suitable Platform


Once you have defined the purpose of your virtual business event and found a speaker to talk on your behalf, you need to select a suitable platform to stream your event. If you’ve never hosted an event before, finding a suitable livestreaming service can be difficult. To play it safe, it’s advised to stick with the most popular options, such as YouTube Live and Facebook. It’s best to choose a platform that consumers use already so that you know they won’t have difficulty in finding and watching your event.


Use the Correct Marketing Strategies


When hosting a virtual business event, it’s only natural that you will want as many viewers as possible to check it out, which is why you need to use the right marketing strategies. Spreading awareness of your event should be done well in advance so that consumers have enough time to make plans. We all have an email address, so starting off with email marketing is advised. Letting your audience know what date and time your event will take place via email will maximise the chances of a large audience. A day or two before the event, you should send out a reminder email in case any of your audience have forgotten about it.


Pick a Venue


If you’re unable to hold your event in person, you still need to find a venue and location for your speaker to address your audience. When viewers tune into your event, the backdrop that your speaker stands in front of can make a huge difference, so make sure that you find a venue that is spacious and includes basics like a stage and audio/visual equipment. Regardless of what kind of virtual business event you’re hosting, following all the advice above will ensure proceedings run smoothly.