For entrepreneurs and small businesses, it’s important to acknowledge that in order to lure in investors, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. As a small business, you will run into the challenge of getting noticed despite all the hard work you put into your passion. Seasoned business people are always on the hunt for the next up and coming lucrative prospect. Many business owners looking for funding know this and constantly have their marketing teams going on, to find them and pitch their business or product. However, the personal, relaxed approach has seen to be, time and time again, the best way to meet and talk with veterans in the business world. Planning a networking event for your business is the most obvious step forward. Pulling off a great event will leave an impressionable and memorable mark on the guests who you invite. Investors will recognize your bravery to hold an event and pitch yourself and the business to the audience and may see some qualities in you worthwhile.


Finding and connecting with contacts - Hosting Your First Business Event


You could do it the old-fashioned way by going to a business expo and handing out invitations along with your business card. Inform people who are in your industry of who you are, and when the event will be held and where. Don’t overlook the importance of small talk; no one wants somebody randomly coming up to them and shoving things in their face. Inform them that there will be finger food and music, along with other people coming who they might want to meet also, etc. There are event apps which you can download and spread the word also, such as Eventboard, Webmobi, Whova and many more.


The invitation - Hosting Your First Business Event


Make sure your invitation is professional and is a form of personalized business stationery. Such as an engraved on a thick card, should be your name, business name, logo or symbol and where and when the event will be held. You should also seek to engrave the message of request, such as briefly who you are, why you’re holding the event, and why you want the person to come to it.


The venue - Hosting Your First Business Event


Not too difficult, simply find a decent sized property to rent. Preferably, choose a mansion, or large conference hall, so people feel insulated, cozy and ready to mingle. At the event, you could have some music playing in the background, with the help of a DJ and his/her equipment blaring out the tunes. Hire a food caterer for the day and have both a mix of vegetarian and meat finger foods.


Hosting Your First Business Event To Secure InvestmentHosting Your First Business Event To Secure Investment


Leaving a mark - Hosting Your First Business Event


You have one job; connect with people. Be considerate that you’re meeting new people and don’t plunge straight in about your business. Get to know the background both regarding childhood and education of the potential investors you meet. Slowly work your business into the conversation, naturally. Highlight the best of what you’ve achieved and hope to achieve in the future. Talk about your journey and obstacles you had to overcome; a lot of successful business people can relate to the struggles of first starting out. Be polite courteous and listen intently, even if someone won’t give you funding, their advice may be really useful.