Many businesses nowadays use Skype as a communication platform due to both its convenience and popularity. In fact some may even hold meetings between individuals or entire teams on the platform. That is why it is important to know how to record Skype calls. It will enable you to save any business meetings that are held on the platform so that there is a permanent record of what was discussed and they can be referred to later. On top of that being able to record Skype calls will also provide you with the option of creating certain types of content – such as expert interview videos, or discussion panels.


How to Use Skype Call Recording


Arguably the easiest and most convenient way to record Skype calls is to use the built-in call recording feature that Skype introduced in version 8. Using the call recording feature in Skype is very straightforward, and all you need to do is:


  1. Start the Skype call.
  2. Click on the ‘+’ icon for More Options.
  3. Select ‘Start recording’ which will automatically notify all participants that the call is being recorded.
  4. Click the ‘+’ icon and select ‘Stop Recording’, or simply close the Skype call to stop recording.
  5. Open up the chat window for the contact to find the video of the recording.
  6. Click on the ‘Menu’ icon (i.e. 3 dots).
  7. Select either the ‘Save to Downloads’ or ‘Save as’ options to save the video that was recorded as an MP4 video file.


Currently the call recording feature is limited to recording Skype-to-Skype calls and cannot be used to record VoIP calls. On top of that any videos that are recorded will only be stored for 30 days in the chat before being automatically deleted. It should be noted that Skype for Business is not the same as Skype, but it does have its own call recording feature.


Other Options to Record Skype Calls


Aside from the built-in call recording feature, there are other ways to record Skype call that you can try out, such as:

  • Specialized Skype recorder tools


Prior to the call recording feature, recording Skype calls required a separate app – and many are still quite popular as you can see in this list. Because they are designed for Skype, they integrate with it seamlessly. Some provide additional features, and may make it easier to manage the business calls that you record. One of the main advantages is that these tools can record voice calls directly in MP3.


  • Screen recorder software


Another option is to use a screen recorder to capture Skype calls directly from the screen of your device. Although the software won’t integrate with Skype, it is generally more versatile. If you want to know how to record Skype calls on PC, this guide can be useful for you to see how it is done with Movavi Screen Recorder. By using the software you’ll be able to set up capture area, frame rate, audio sources, volume level, and more – and even schedule the recording. Between all these options you should find it easy to record and save business meetings, or create content from your Skype calls. It may help to try out each option individually, and see which one caters to your business needs best.