Published by Wiley in February 2024, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling in Business: A Proven, Seven-Step Approach To Deliver Business-Critical Messages With Impact’ highlights the power of storytelling in the corporate world. Be it a job interview, an important sales presentation, or the announcement of major changes within an organisation, Author Samir Parikh offers proven methodology, based on seven steps, enabling readers to build and deliver stories in a structured, reliable and repeatable way.

The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling in Business’ offers resources for readers to help them make impactful presentations, reports, and meeting discussions. The book highlights how storytelling can improve communication, encourage teamwork, and influence decision-making in businesses. 

Storytelling is an art that transcends mere facts and figures. It enables businesses to convey their mission, values, and brand identity in a compelling and relatable way. Weaving narratives during communications is an effective way to instill deeper connections with stakeholders, including employees, customers, and investors. It gives the ‘human’ edge to the entire communication, thereby making complex concepts more accessible and memorable. 

Based on these attributes, Author Samir Parikh shares real-world examples and helpful guidance from his more than 20 years of knowledge. In ‘The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling in Business’, Samir highlights his experience of helping top companies through multimillion-dollar sales opportunities, strategic initiatives, and innovative discoveries.  

‘The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling in Business’ is a resource for managers, directors, executives, and early career professionals alike. 

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‘The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling in Business’: A guide to every step from vision to delivery

The 240-page book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling in Business’ outlines a seven-step strategy for storytelling. The book facilitates readers with the skills and strategies required to create influential presentations, reports, and meeting discussions. 

The book begins with understanding the importance of defining a clear vision and progresses to identifying and understanding your audience, framing the problem effectively, and constructing a compelling story framework. The chapters cover how to prepare an interesting presentation, how to master data visualisation, and how to communicate the story impactfully. 

This useful guide is accessible in ebook formats, with prices starting at just £13.99, and in hardcover formats at £19.99.

Samir Parikh: Global management consultants

Samir Parikh, CEO of SPConsulting AB, Global Management Consultants, started his consulting career in the financial services business on Wall Street, NY. He eventually moved into the telecoms industry, leading business transformation projects in the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Portugal, and Sweden.

In the early 2000s, Parikh led the founding team of SPConsulting, which specialised in planning and delivering strategic transformation programmes for international corporations. Their expertise includes financial services, autos, technology, and telecommunications.

His company SPConsulting works closely with professional services organisations to improve pre-sales and delivery processes, as well as internal operations such as finance, HR, and sourcing, to increase competitive advantage.

Parikh has led direct consultancy engagements in 43 countries, adapting to different market conditions and regional traditions. In 2015, he published ‘The Consultant's Handbook’ with John Wiley & Sons, followed by ‘The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling in Business’ in 2024, which provides a proven 7-step process enhanced with real-world industrial examples.