Digital marketing has always been a fast-paced, ever-evolving marketplace. However, recently it has been coming on in leaps and bounds thanks to the launch of new tools and rising consumer expectations. As a result of these developments, the entire digital landscape is changing and companies need to evolve and grow to stay on track.  

Many businesses follow the lead of major corporations and use them as their inspiration. So, how are the world’s biggest organisations adapting to today’s rapidly changing digital space? Keep reading to find out more and get ideas on how you can emulate their success. 


Embracing AI Tools 

Perhaps the most significant development in the digital marketing world over recent months has been the rapid rise of AI technology. The most well-hyped AI tool, ChatGPT, set the record for the fastest-growing consumer base for any app in history, and these tools look set to keep growing over the coming months and years. Large corporations have already jumped on the AI bandwagon and explored ways to use these tools to their full advantage. Whether it's using them to create advert copy or edit videos faster, these tools can streamline operations and deliver the quality content users expect, so they’re being embraced throughout the business world. 


Focusing On Diversity And Inclusivity 

When it comes to the online marketing materials they share, many major companies are becoming more aware of the need for diversity and inclusion. The ‘cancel culture’ that has developed as consumers become more aware of their personal power and influence has led many companies to employ large teams to check content and marketing media to make sure it reflects their values and doesn’t offend their target market. This focus on diversity and inclusion when it comes to marketing materials is helping to shape the advertising landscape and make it easier for consumers to find companies that not only provide them with the solutions they need but also reflect their personal beliefs and represent their culture correctly. 


Investing More In Cyber Security 

As AI tools become more popular and the online landscape evolves, companies know that there are new threats to their cyber security. They also know that breaches could cost them dearly, both financially and reputationally. Cyber security trends change regularly anyway, but at the pace the internet is evolving today, companies need to be more aware than ever before. Many major corporations are turning to cyber security services from providers like ROCK, which specialises in working with large organisations. With a three-pronged approach involving testing defences, fortifying cyber security tools and teaching team members, the company aims to offer a holistic approach to cyber security that helps large companies to protect their data, employees and, most importantly of all, their customers. 


Throughout this past year, the digital marketing world has been changing and diversifying, and companies need to be aware of the developments and work proactively if they want to survive. Large corporations are often ahead of the curve when it comes to these developments, so use this article to learn some of the ways they’re adapting to ensure their ongoing success. It might take time to notice a difference, but we’ll soon see a major shift in the way content is delivered online, so staying ahead of the game is crucial for any business.