Productivity is vital to driving any business forward, but it can be tough to identify ways to improve it, particularly when you run a small organisation.

As new research shows that SMEs could be losing out on as much as two and a half working weeks of productivity thanks to poor internet connectivity and technology issues, it’s clear that this needs to be a key area of focus and investment for many organisations across the UK’s corporate market.

With this in mind, here are some of the ways that small business owners can improve their use of technology and enhance the performance of their staff and, ultimately, their organisation as a whole.

Identify The Areas That Need To Improve

Investing in IT requires a managed and structured approach, and the first step is to search for the areas in your business that need improving. For example, your firm may already have all the phone solutions it needs but be woefully lacking when it comes to CRM software that could save your staff time. Review all of your firm’s practices before you decide what areas of your IT processes need overhauling.

Explore The Solutions On Offer

There are a wide variety of different technologies and software solutions on the market, so it’s vital that you review everything that’s out there before you commit to buying anything. Explore the solutions your competitors are using and see if there’s anything they’re using that could be beneficial for your team. Researching everything that could possibly apply to your business will make it easier for you to find the solutions that are right for your company and will drive it towards greater success, rather than spending a lot of money on costly solutions that don’t work for your team.

Collaborate With Your Team

Your staff may know about solutions that could save them time and help them to manage their workloads better, so ask for suggestions from them when you’re seeking to improve the technology that your firm uses. Tell your team that you’re looking to improve the technology that your firm uses and ask them for suggestions. By communicating closely with your team, you will make them feel invested in the process and potentially gain some useful suggestions.

Work With IT Specialists

One of the biggest barriers that many SMEs face when trying to implement better technological practices is a lack of in-house experience and technology knowledge. This can be particularly challenging when dealing with issues such as cybersecurity, which is constantly evolving. By working with cybersecurity experts, your firm can ensure that it is able to stay ahead of the latest developments in this fast-pace market and is constantly offering staff and clients the very best technological solutions. Choosing a local firm might be the best option as you can then consult with them about your needs. You can easily find someone reliable no matter where you’re based, for instance those in Scotland may favour the Edinburgh-based IT support firm Texaport who provide bespoke support to all of their clients in the area. If you want to find someone similar who’s close to you, have a quick search for IT support services and add on your location to refine the search.

Look Beyond Your Computers

When you’re trying to improve the technology that your business uses, it’s easy to just think of the computers your staff work on, but there’s more to IT than just hardware. From the software that the computers use through to phones and other technologies like security software and POS solutions, there are loads of different products on the market designed to benefit a wide range of businesses. Explore all of the options during your review of your firm’s IT processes so that you select the right technology for your team.

Get The Latest Internet Connectivity Solutions

Using slow internet can be frustrating, particularly when you’re at work and have deadlines and targets to meet. As such, you should work with your internet service provider to ensure that your firm constantly has access to the very latest connectivity solutions and is using the fastest internet on the market at any given time. This will reduce stress among staff and mean that they can work faster and more efficiently.

Consider Leasing Your Hardware Instead Of Buying It

Purchasing new equipment such as monitors, screens and laptops can be expensive, especially if you’re committed to staying ahead of the latest technology market trends. One way to reduce the cost of your technology is to lease it instead of purchasing it outright. Although you may end up paying more in the long term, there are many benefits to leasing your computer equipment, predominantly that you’ll be able to give your staff the best solutions on the market at a reduced price. You also won’t have to worry about disposing of old solutions once they’re obsolete and you no longer need them, which will save your firm time and money.

Regularly Review New Technology Trends

The technology landscape is constantly evolving, so it’s important that your company works to stay ahead of the latest trends, as this will mean that you can constantly implement anything that might be beneficial for your team.  This will help you to stay ahead of the market and able to give your staff everything that they need to be able to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.