It can be surprising how many business owners are resistant to modern tech solutions for their companies. After all, why fix what isn’t broken? While it’s an effective mindset for some situations, it won’t stand the test of time. Modern tech is about taking advantage of newer, better solutions, especially in business.

One example of how modern tech is making changes involves software development and licensing compliance. It’s typically considered one of the more challenging and frustrating aspects of business management, but strides in technology have allowed even the most inexperienced businesses to deal with compliance woes without issues. Here’s how tech is moving forward and improving compliance.


1. Finding better ways to personalize products for customers

It’s not easy to experience standout success in the world of insurance, as compliance and the nature of insurance itself can be problematic. The lack of popularity doesn’t help new insurers make a name for themselves, but there are a few surprising solutions. For example, the real-time rating engine for insurers can help simplify the quoting and underwriting process. With the help of AI algorithms, real-time rating engines can calculate formulas and base rates to eventually calculate the necessary premiums. There was a time when such a thing was accomplished manually, and it took a surprising amount of effort.

These days, the help of powerful rating engines can help insurers create personalized products for customers, breaking new ground and increasing trust and loyalty for their brand. It can help alleviate the problems of compliance when running an insurance company, but that’s not all modern tech does for compliance.


2. Improving the customer journey

Software development can be a challenge for most companies, as you not only have to develop effective software, but you also have to worry about licensing and compliance. Not only does this cause problems for the business, but it also worsens the overall customer journey. On the other hand, introducing modern tech solutions such as entitlement management systems can make it easier to automate the licensing process. Automated licensing results in an easier time for companies and consumers, and it helps build a better relationship between the two.

When paired with social media marketing tactics, it can help even newer companies maintain a foothold in a competitive industry.


3. Opening the door to automated compliance

Compliance is often seen as the silent killer of new businesses, as non-compliant companies often struggle to keep things afloat. Even worse, many new business owners are unaware of how to stay compliant, lacking the necessary experience to maneuver through the minefield of licensing. Not only does it cause problems for companies, but the end users also suffer from poor licensing and compliance habits. Automated compliance acts as the one-size-fits-all solution for new businesses, offering automated solutions without any unnecessary risks.



Modern tech has long been the companion of success in the business sector, and compliance is just one of the many things made easier by tech solutions. From powerful rating engines to entitlement management, there are quite a few solutions that can help new business owners stay afloat in a competitive environment.