The imminent approach of 2012 portrays the European social media scenery as persistently innovating, resulting in an uprising year of exciting developmental change. With the rise of various different social networking platforms, myriads of content and the accumulating progress towards mobile media utilization which is enhancing individual’s knowledge, acquiring exclusive advantages to partake in the European social media Market.


Whilst carrying out research on how social media is evolving and developing in Europe I found various circulating trends on the high usage of social networking, search engines, mobile and online video in European countries. Current studies display the gathering of digital marketing in Europe to be part of many divergent segments. eCircle an email marketing facility who underwent research into communication in Europe, resulting in the conclusion that email is still currently the most significant method of interaction. eCircle one of the largest providers of online email marketing examined individual behaviour online and how they interact with brands all over Europe. Findings displayed six distinct countries in Europe are ahead in terms of the way individuals interact within online communities. Individual communities in Spain, UK and Italy indicated a highly significant favourable inclination towards multiply online usage of platforms; whilst communicating with brands online through social media communities and via email. Italy has a momentous amount of multi-platform users with more than fifty percent of online users working with both social media and email.

Therefore brands worldwide using European publicity need to direct their campaign according to a particular community, consequently not directing one strategy to numerous societies. Recently there have been various discussions on how social media is assassinating emails. Though research conducted by eCircle services defies this notion, subsequently consumers want to use different online sources whilst interacting on numerous platforms. The combination of social media platforms and email displays a strong marketing system for any business. Countries in the European continent like Germany, Netherlands and France seems to have a strong tendency controlled by email, as more than half the populations central source of contact being via email. In regards to email being a main source of online interactivity persisting as the most collective trend across these six countries. Using email individuals consume also subscribe to newsletter, articles created and subsequently establishing certain brands and companies across Europe.

Key Leading online social Media Platforms in Europe:

Predictably Facebook the social media platform has shown to predominate the majority of European countries, though in Netherlands the use of Facebook is diminishing resulting in the use of a close cultural social media platform similar to QQ in China. Facebook is conveyed as one prevailing force ruling online social media however a minority of groups are apprehending profiles of businesses and products, consequently displaying the inability of Europe to engage with online consumers. The UK is Facebook’s largest consumers with the majority of “fan pages” created by individuals. The below graph displays the United Kingdom as the Leaders for new online entertainment trends.


Therefore email unpredictably generates the basis of online communication of marketing, hence it is one of the reliable source individuals turn to in order to communicate. European consumers are substantially using numerous online methods, which are thus choosing the way they want to network with specific groups and communities around the world. The arising technology of smart phones is consequently changing the way technology is adapting to meet certain consumer needs. The approaching exclusivity of online interactivity in business and marketing is shown to be a new light of evolution of how individuals are connecting with a given brand.

Graph from Econsultancy Digital Marker United 


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