So, you have a college degree. You have 6 months of internship experience. You have had a part-time job for years. And you have all the skills you need for an entry-level position in your dream industry.

So, what is stopping people from hiring you?

Well, it is probably your resume. Not only does your resume have to be mistake-free and show off who you are - but will have to be more impressive than the ones of everyone else who is applying for the job. The sooner you start, the shorter time it will take you to get there. Here is the ultimate guide for getting your teens resume ready.

You will want to create an amazing resume like this one -

We know that sounds really daunting, but luckily for you, you have found an article that will teach you how to create the perfect resume.

#1 - Tailor Your CV To The Role

If possible, you should create a unique resume for every job that you apply for.

You will want to go through the job description and make sure that your resume demonstrates every skill that they have asked for.

You should also go through the company's website and allow that to inform what you do and don't include on your resume.

Remember, that you will want to keep your CV at 2 pages or less.

#2 - Have Someone Else Proofread It

When we spend a long time working on the same document, we often go blind to the mistakes in it.

This is why, after you have finished working on your resume, you will need to make sure that you let someone else read over it and look for mistakes.

They will be able to spot the mistakes that your eyes gloss over.

If you know someone who has hiring experience then you should ask them to take a look at your resume too.

They will be able to tell you which bits they find appealing and which bits you can get rid of to save a little bit of space.

#3 - Don't Be Afraid To Take Risks

If you are applying for a job in a creative industry then it is essential that you have a creative resume.

For example, if your skill is designing websites then turn your resume into a beautiful website that shows off your skills. If you are applying for a writing job then your copy should be as engaging as possible

You want to use your resume as an opportunity to showcase all of your skills.

Don't forget that you should include a portfolio of your best work if you are applying for a creative job.

#4 - Focus On Skills And Achievements

In some situations, you will want to use your CV to showcase all the different businesses you have worked for. But in general, especially if you are relatively inexperienced, you will want to focus on your skills and accomplishments.

If a job description is asking for someone who works well in a team, then you will want to list that as one of your skills. Then offer a few concrete examples of how you have done that in previous jobs.

You should be doing this for all of the skills mentioned in the job description. This will show the employer that you have made a CV just for them. This will impress them.

#5 - Keep It succinct

As mentioned above, you do not want your CV to be longer than 2 pages. Unless you are applying for an especially high-level position or specialized role.

Going over two pages will show the employer that you don't know how to edit yourself, how to pick out achievements, or they might even think that you don't know what they are looking for in the role.

There is no need to use full paragraphs on a resume, instead use bullet points. You want the employer to be able to find all the information they are looking for in a minute or less.

#6 - Always Include A Cover Letter

Finally, you should always attach a cover letter to your resume.

This cover letter should be unique to each job you apply for and you should make the point to talk about why the company interests you, as well as the job.

You want this to be a maximum of 5 paragraphs long. Do not feel under pressure to fill the whole page, unless you genuinely have enough to say about the role.

This will be your opportunity to show a little bit of your personality and to show that you are dedicated to the job enough to do your research.