Many businesses as they expand choose to work with a courier partner to takeover the delivery of their products. This helps speed up the process, and get more products sent across the country in a reliable way. There are various points you should consider.

Size And Weight Restrictions

Certain couriers will have dimension and weight restrictions which will mean they will not accept certain packages. Before you choose a courier, you should contact them to find if they will ship your product around. Some may accept without question, whilst others will charge a more premium price.

You should pack your product into the best size possible. This will not only give you more shipping options, but it could reduce shipping costs and size. Depending on your business, it’s generally a good idea to look into some form of eco-packaging solution.

Finding The Right Availability

One of the most important elements of working with an efficient courier service is to get your package out to the customer as soon as possible. That is why you need to find a courier service that delivers as soon as possible. Many different courier businesses may offer services ranging from next day to a week, depending on the location.

If you want to gain customer loyalty and trust, then you want to ensure you are getting their product out to them as soon as possible. It will also need to arrive in the condition it left, otherwise you will have an upset customer who may not wish to buy from you again.

When choosing a courier service, you should look into a service that enables overnight shipping, to help get the best results. Lone Star Overnight are one such fast and reliable courier who offer a range of shipping services to suit your business needs. They can work overnight to ground shipments to get your package out by 8:30am the next business day. They have a range of different services from priority next day, to international services.

Costs And Insurance

You need to ensure that it is cost effective for you to send out a package. Some states and countries will have higher costs for them to reach, so you should work with a service that limits these costs that still ensure you make a profit. Some couriers will offer an insurance deal that helps protect you and your customer if they were to lose anything.

Most couriers will have some sort of insurance policy to help attract you. If not, there are courier protection policies that you can get separately to help cover you incase anything gets lost. The insurance commonly covers complete loss, to accidental breakages. Some couriers will offer a money back guarantee.