Creating an attractive workplace culture is essential to the satisfaction of employees. Often, the culture within an office can be stifling, uncreative and discourage open and less formal communication between colleagues. As we spend most of our working lives with the people surrounding us in a work environment, it is important to create some form of comradery between colleagues. Incorporating a little


and entertainment into the usual 9 to 5 routine of a weekday can go a long way to encourage employees and motivate them to work smarter and better. Here’s how you can do just that.

Get Management Involved

When planning fun activities, involve management so that employees further down the silo can interact and see the lighter side of the bosses. Creating time for fun and relaxation within the workplace contributes to better teamwork, employee wellness and an atmosphere of contentment. The added benefit of keeping your workforce happy is that staff turnover will be less in the long run as employees won’t be as quick to leave a position they feel appreciated or comfortable in. Allowing team members to see management as just ‘one of the team members’ is a great way to make them feel like part of a real team. This also give managers the opportunity to connect with their employees to get a feel of where the company culture is at and how to improve on it. Management can also hand out presentation cups or engraved trophies at these fun events, which will go a long way in creating a better vibe in the office.

Plan Ahead

Although it would be great if spontaneity could determine when fun days or times can be had, this is not always possible, especially when deadlines loom. Ensure that timelines of work projects are handled beforehand and give employees notice of when the fun activities will be happening in the office. This will allow everyone the time to complete pertinent tasks and enable them to enjoy the activities wholeheartedly. Find easy online games you can use with your

mobile phone

that everyone will enjoy or plan a quiz afternoon where you can incorporate snacks and beverages. Speak to your supervisor about a budget for a fun day or activity that can be incorporated once every 3 to 4 months in the office.

Create Mini Tournament Awards

If you have an outdoor space you can use, think about doing a 5-a-side mini football or put-put tournament, and adding prizes in the form of the corporate awards from Joblot Trophies. Joblot Trophies and Gifts provide an easy to use e-commerce trophy store platform where you can purchase and customise the trophies via their trophy engraving service. Getting colleagues in your workplace to rally together and divide into teams is also a good way of boosting excitement and morale leading to the fun day. They’ll love engraved trophies, and medals help them look better and feel better. You may also opt for uniques gifts. For manly gifts

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now! Getting employees outdoors into the fresh air to have some fun together will not only give them time away from their desks but will allow them to interact with each other on a more social level which leads to better team and relationship dynamics. It is totally possible to bring a fun element into a normal working day - all you need is a little creativity and planning.