In the new-normal workplace, many businesses, teams, and entrepreneurs are seeking ways to reduce stress while improving work-life balance. Whether you are in a leadership position, part of a team, or working solo, taking control of your mental and physical health is key to your well-being. Wondering about the three top tips for a well-balanced work life? You can use these three tips to get started on your path to working with less stress.

Get Curious

Every employee or entrepreneur is experiencing stress and work-life balance a little differently. A common problem is that people often feel critical of their own experiences. Many professionals try to keep a positive attitude, but don’t take time to investigate what is causing stress. This can work to conceal the problems which could be solved. For instance, some people feel that mental health is not a matter to speak about with others. This can contribute to hiding feelings of isolation, depression, or not feeling included while working remotely. By getting curious, you can discover what feelings, emotions, and moods are affecting you. Very often, other people in your team or organization are feeling the same thing. By bringing issues out into the open, you can start to find solutions. Leaders who are in charge of remote teams or hybrid groups can make a special effort to get curious. Explore issues of mental health for yourself and your staff. By taking the lead on this, you can break down barriers and foster a sense of connection and camaraderie.

Get Active

While working in our new environments may be radically different from working full time in a corporate setting, we can develop personal habits to stay healthy. Health experts advise staying physically active as one of the best positive actions for mental and physical well-being. If you’re used to sitting in your chair or staring at a computer screen for hours on end, start to get into an exercise habit. You can pick-and-choose different activities such as:

  • Walk or bike to work
  • Take stretch breaks
  • Use the stairs rather than the elevator
  • Meet up with a friend for a walk or jog
  • Relieve work tension with pilates or yoga

Look for different ways to get active, stay active, and stay motivated. Making a date with a co-worker or friend is a great way to ensure you stay moving and stay socially active.

Get Support

When it comes to health and well-being, it’s easy to see that there are some great experts and resources. We go to the doctor when we’re feeling poorly. We check in with a physical therapist when we want to recover from an injury. We got to the dentist to help with oral health. But when we deal with certain issues at work, we can forget to reach out to experts. It doesn’t have to stay like this. We are working with more technology and often this means working with partners to handle logistics, fulfillment, and shipping. The only thing is…this kind of work can be incredibly stressful if you aren’t familiar with all the contracts, negotiations, and accountability issues. Ready to unlock enormous opportunities in your business? One of the most powerful methods is to get expert help with third-party logistics (3PL). This is often put in the category of 3PL contract optimization. Reaching out to experts makes sense because this territory is complicated. You’re looking at thousands of providers for logistics or fulfillment partners (3PF). You’re trying to choose between thousands of providers—each with variable pricing options, different contract requirements, and diverse locations. To get peace of mind, select a reputable company that specializes in helping businesses reach efficiency in your logistics operations. This can help save headaches, hours sifting through contracts, and weekends spent at the office. Are you ready to save headaches, boost efficiency, and leave the worries to the experts? If so, you have just unlocked a new standard of efficiency in your supply chain and logistics processes. If you’re looking for ways to reduce stress and support well-being, start with these three tips. Get curious about your feelings, stressors, and experience. Get active with physical activity at home and work. Get support for your health, workflow, and logistics. With these tips, there’s no doubt you will move forward to a healthy and successful year!