Using credit cards for gambling has been common for years, as this payment option is convenient and easy to use for most players. However, it was reported that this system’s usage can lead to significant overspending and a higher likelihood of compulsive behaviours, respectively. Therefore, the UK Gambling Commission initiated the ban on credit cards in online casinos and sportsbooks in April 2020. This decision aimed to minimize the risks of harmful impacts that playing with borrowed money brings.

Impact on Payment Methods

The restriction on credit cards brought significant changes to the UK’s iGaming market. Players had to adapt to the new reality and switch to other alternatives for replenishing their balances and withdrawing funds in case of winning. Even though many other systems are accessible in online casinos, the ban influenced the entire industry within the country.

Shift Towards Alternative Payment Options

Credit cards used to be a convenient and fast banking option; their primary benefit lay in the fact most users already owned them and had no need to register a new account. However, the restriction didn’t stop passionate gamblers from engaging in their favourite entertainment. They had to switch to other payment alternatives; luckily, many are available on UK-based platforms.


E-wallets have become the most widespread solution for secure and quick money transfers. PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, etc., are popular in online casinos, so finding a suitable platform is not a problem. These deposit and withdrawal methods are a viable alternative for credit cards. Bank Transfers are another option that players often select: even though their speed is not always satisfying, they have been trusted among risk hunters for many years.


Many players would also choose cryptocurrencies; however, this payment option is also often banned by the UK regulatory bodies. Therefore, Bitcoin and its alternatives are more common on overseas gaming platforms outside UKGC licensing.

Challenges Faced by Players

While most European casino websites now offer numerous payment methods for quick and safe transactions, many players are challenged by the inability to use credit cards. It takes time to switch from one system to another, so gamblers often face inconveniences and waste time getting used to changes.


Bank cards are known for their exceptional transaction speed, attracting users for a long time. Other payment solutions sometimes imply delays in money transfers, irritating players who want to start gambling as soon as possible or withdraw funds almost immediately. This challenge is being resolved by innovative payment solutions; for instance, digital wallets offer instant deposits and payouts within a few hours.

Withdrawal Considerations

Payouts are essential for every casino player – who doesn’t dream of getting generous winnings? Receiving the cash prize via credit cards has been a convenient solution for many users, as it is fast and straightforward. However, the latest ban changed the game rules and made risk seekers adapt to the new reality. For example, Bank Transfers imply longer withdrawals; casino members must wait up to seven working days or even more to get the coveted cash prize.


On the other hand, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies offer quick payouts, delighting casino members. Currently, players don’t have to wait for long to get their prizes. It’s easy to request a withdrawal and get it within a few hours in the best online gambling platforms. Therefore, such changes are pretty beneficial for users.

Online Casinos That Accept Credit Cards

Players can still access casinos that take credit cards, despite the ban initiated by the UK Gambling Commission. These platforms are licensed and regulated outside the UK jurisdiction but provide secure and reliable conditions for players. The country accepts overseas operators if they are controlled by offshore gambling authorities.


Risk hunters can join online casinos accepting credit cards, but it’s important to check their terms, conditions, availability of licensing, and implementation of appropriate security mechanisms. Moreover, users should pay special attention to responsible gambling principles to avoid overspending on slots and games. This payment system imposes high risks, so those prone to compulsive behaviours should better choose other alternatives.

Responsible Gambling Considerations

Usage of credit cards in online casinos significantly affected user behaviours, creating a deceptive feeling of having more money than they actually do. The possibility of using borrowed cash often leads to uncontrolled gambling activities and addictions. This severe disorder is the main challenge of the entire industry, so all market players have to comply with the available rules and track all the changes.


The ban on credit cards in online gambling aimed to reduce the number of addicted individuals. According to the UKGC report, this implementation has significantly impacted player behaviours. Those who previously relied on borrowed money in online casinos changed their attitudes towards this entertainment. The regulatory authority aims to minimize gambling-related harms, and restrictions on particular payment methods is a part of the global responsible gambling policy within the jurisdiction.

The Final Word

Many players are dissatisfied with the 2020 restriction, which brought significant changes to the industry. The impossibility of using credit cards in online casinos created inconveniences for customers who got used to secure, reliable, and quick money transfers. However, the market now offers many other payment methods, including e-wallets and bank transfers, providing smooth experiences to players. Even though many users had to adapt to changes, this ban still aims to improve the gambling landscape and stick to responsible principles.