India Accelerator, a mentorship-driven incubator, signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Ztudium and its business digital-powered platform, The platform provides India Accelerator with an opportunity to build a global, digital, Blockchain-based certification for its members.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed on the 30 of August 2022, between India Accelerator, an award-winning seed-stage accelerator program in India, and the business digital directory platform created and powered by ztudium group. The goal: to offer India Accelerator members companies, people, products, and websites maximum global visibility and trust in the leading digital platform and ecosystem,

This partnership will strengthen the digital transformation of India Accelerator. All of that is enabled by the tools and marketplace provided by the fast-growing global platform, positioning itself as a worldwide business directory and marketplace player.

The goals of this partnership are:

• to create new digital and AI/Blockchain-driven certifications for business members in a global leading digital Directory.

• to grow businesses in a recognised global trade corridor between Chambers of Commerce and governments;

• to explore association or collaboration with equivalent start-up ecosystems in the UK.

• to explore leveraging Ztudium global network and ecosystem to promote the start-ups within their global network of partners.

The partnership was signed by the two business leaders.

Ashish Bhatia is a highly experienced senior IT leader, consultant, and strategist with over 22 years in leadership positions at reputed MNCs such as Fidelity Investments, United Health Corp and American Tower. He is the co-founder of Lawyered, Co-founder of Square1, co-founder of Indian League Gaming, MD of Appworks Technologies Private Limited, and the co-founder of Organiq Consulting.

As Ashish Bhatia expanded on in a recent interview:

“In India, the opportunities for startups are immense, but so are the challenges. The present market scenario possesses a certain number of obstacles for the Indian business environment that makes it hard for startups to scale up. Right from the initial stage, Indian startups face huge challenges in setting up and building businesses. Scaling of business requires a timely infusion of capital and availability of finance is a huge issue.”

“The partnership with Ztudium and their platform openbusinesscouncil will allow us to help our member companies increase their global reach, hopefully positively affecting their revenues and growth in the future”.

Dinis Guarda, founder and CEO of Ztudium/, is a globally-recognized author, business influencer, and thought leader with decades of experience advising governments and business organizations.

Dinis Guarda said about the new partnership:

“This partnership is an opportunity for the thousands of companies in India, the UK and worldwide to catch up with the digital transformation opportunities and manage its challenges, and opportunities and cope with disruption. Businesses, SMEs are the backbone of the economy — they account for 65% of net new jobs — and they not only need to keep up with technological developments but also with the rising 4IR business and consumer innovation and trends. Businesses have to be able to create and manage digital interactive ecosystems, and communities and increase new challenges in trade commerce, and finance with their products & solutions.”

India Accelerator is the only GAN partnered, mentorship driven, incubation program in India. The Gurgaon based company runs mentorship driven incubation and acceleration programs for Technology start-ups in consumer space, finance, gaming, e-commerce and mobility. Started with an idea to achieve both a financial return and a positive economic and social impact, the guiding principle is to actively pursue positive change in the startup ecosystem.

About India Accelerator

India Accelerator is a seed-stage accelerator program that helps startups grow from good to great. It is a structured program that can bring the building blocks for a startup under one roof – the much-needed mentorship, the network, the technology, the peripheral services (like legal, financial, etc) and last but not least, the capital. It is the only Gan-partnered, mentorship-driven, program in India.

About is a global business digital certification directory and marketplace working with business networks, governments, tech ecosystems, and leading universities and organisations. It allows businesses to grow, find trusted clients and partners, find the necessary digital transformation, and finance international trade.

About ztudium

ztudium, on the other hand, is a global maker of industry 4IR technologies and research. The company builds software, research products, and service solutions using blockchain, AI and digital transformation DNA. It also creates proprietary platforms and software products for businesses and governments. Ztudium has built a global ecosystem reaching over 1 million people a month and have built a revolutionary set of SaaS products, including