The University of Oxford's Saïd Business School will host the prestigious “Round Table Conference”, organised by MIT World Peace University, Pune, India, chaired by founder president Dr Vishwanath Karad. This will be a one-day round-table conference bringing together leading experts around the globe on a broad discussion on leveraging both AI technology and education systems to promote peace and global harmony.

The round table conference at the University of Oxford's Saïd Business School is themed “Establishing a Peace-Loving Global Society through Value-Based Education System”. The participating global leading speakers will also address all the questions raised by UNESCO on giving adequate attention to teaching peace.

"The pathway to higher education is a journey that takes learning beyond classrooms, beyond degrees. At MIT-WPU, we groom generations who will be the architects of tomorrow, drivers of positive global change and ambassadors of world peace”, said Dr Vishwanath D Karad founder of MIT WPU.

“In a time of AI and when AGI is around the corner the way we define the Digital sentients we are creating will rewrite our new evolutionary next steps.

AI can and must be programmed and used to foster the best of humanity and its tools need to be integrated into the very integrated fabric of how to educate and coach people on peace-building and conflict resolution techniques but needs total focus. 

By creating better understanding tools and platforms that provide education across cultural and national boundaries, AI can foster the way we learn DNA understanding and tolerance. 

Gandhi's emphasis on education as a powerful tool for change is apt here: 

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. 

Learn as if you were to live forever."

Education and Awareness are the critical elements but are hard and continuing work as we are dependent on our humanity duality”, Said about the topic Dinis Guarda, CEO of ztudium, author, academic, influencer & serial entrepreneur.

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Addressing UNESCO's Question: Are We Teaching Peace Effectively?

UNESCO has asked a series of questions to consider the current status of education and its impact on the acquisition of values, character, knowledge and the purpose of our educational systems. UNESCO addresses to consider if education and science surpass ethics such as spirituality, wisdom, and character or do educated individuals uphold virtues, exhibit goodness, and fulfil their duties. 

This conference will bring together leading experts from around the globe on broad discussion from a variety of fields, including academia, policy, and grassroots movements, to give innovative approaches and strategies with a focus on leveraging both AI technology and education systems to promote peace and global harmony.

Speakers Joining the Conference at Oxford 

The conference features a distinguished lineup of speakers, each bringing their expertise and insights. Among them are Dinis Guarda, CEO of Ztudium, Neil Hawkes, known for founding Values-Based Education in the UK, and Dr Kevin Devine from London Metropolitan University. Also, Dr Christopher Germann from the University of Plymouth, Dr S. N. Pathan, the former Vice Chancellor of Nagpur University in India, and Mr. Chakravarti Gautam representing the Federation of Ambedkarite & Buddhist Organisations in the UK. Nidhi Chaudhary, heading the Education wing at the Indian High Commission in the UK, and Cllr Sunil Chopra from Southwark Borough, London, will also share their valuable perspectives.

About Oxford's Round Table conference

The conference is scheduled at the University of Oxford, Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford organised by MIT World Peace University, Pune, India, chaired by Founder President Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT-WPU School of Mechanical Engineering.

The event will be a one-day round table conference featuring engaging panel discussions, keynote speeches, and interactive sessions aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among participants.

Join the Round Table Conference at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and be a part of it to experience how education and technology can change the world and lead to a more wealthy and peaceful society.

About MIT World Peace University 

MIT World Peace University is a prestigious institution dedicated to fostering global harmony through education. Located in Pune, India, it offers a diverse range of programs in fields such as engineering, management, law, design, and peace studies. Committed to holistic development, the university emphasises not only academic excellence but also values like compassion, empathy, and social responsibility. With state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on innovation, MIT World Peace University strives to empower its students to become socially conscious leaders capable of contributing positively to society.

Written by Himani Verma.