Hilton Supra, Vice Chairman of ztudium Group, interviews Paul Sutcliffe, Founder & Director of EVORA Global, a professional real asset consultancy providing sustainable commercial solutions, in the latest episode of citiesabc YouTube podcast. The two discuss the imperative of integrating ESG strategies in modern business culture. The interview is live on citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil YouTube channels.

Featuring EVORA Global for the second time on citiesabc YouTube podcast, Hilton Supra brings an imperative discussion on integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies in overall business processes and operations; this time with Paul Sutcliffe, the Founder and Director of EVORA Global. 

A sustainability professional with over two decades of experience, Paul Sutcliffe specialises in providing strategic sustainability advice across the UK and Europe, focusing on integrating sustainability with business strategy and effective management systems. 

According to him, integrating ESG strategies into a business's overarching strategy is not merely a checkbox for corporate responsibility; it has become a fundamental imperative for sustainable and resilient enterprises. Beyond compliance and ethical considerations, businesses are recognising that ESG integration can be a powerful driver of long-term value creation. 

Sustainability needs to be integrated into decision making and all aspects of your business. So, you need to think about where do I incorporate sustainability, understand the risks and opportunities, and then develop programs to improve that and find out how it can add value to the business", he said.

He explained to Hilton that EVORA Global not only strategises but also advises the clients to adopt ESG practices as part of overall business operations.

We see ourselves as long-term partners and trusted advisors to our clients through the application technology, advisory support, and strategy revising to truly deliver change, that protects against risk and maximizes opportunity”, he says.

Paul Sutcliffe: Offering strategic sustainable solutions for businesses

Paul Sutcliffe is a seasoned sustainability professional with over two decades of experience. He founded EVORA Global, and as the Director of the company, he specialises in providing strategic sustainability advice across the UK and Europe, focusing on integrating sustainability with business strategy and effective management systems. EVORA Global is a professional real asset sustainability consultancy that was co-founded in 2011 as Sustainable Commercial Solutions.

Starting as an Environmental Adviser at Groundwork Blackburn in 2000, he later became Sustainability Director at DTZ until May 2011. Paul holds a BSc in Geography from The University of Sheffield, and MSc in Environmental Impact Assessment from Aberystwyth University.

To know more about Paul Sutcliffe, visit https://www.openbusinesscouncil.org/wiki/paul-sutcliffe

EVORA Global: Leading the integration of ESG strategies in businesses

EVORA Global is a sustainable real asset investment and finance consultancy, coupled with ESG software provision, boasting specialised expertise in the real asset sector. Since its inception in 2011, the company has been dedicated to delivering top-tier sustainability consultancy services to some of the world's largest investment funds, including industry giants like Deutsche Asset Management, Schroder Real Estate, Standard Life Investments, and Hines.

At the heart of EVORA Global's offerings is SIERA, a market-leading software renowned for its practicality, innovation, and ease of use in environmental management for real assets, already managing billions of pounds worth of assets globally. With EVORA consultancy and SIERA software as its core business areas, EVORA Global has rapidly positioned itself as a comprehensive 'one-stop shop' for cutting-edge sustainability solutions.

To know more about EVORA Global, visit https://www.openbusinesscouncil.org/wiki/evora-global

About Hilton Supra

Hilton Supra is a business and financial industry veteran and thought leader. Hilton has more than 30 years of Finance, Investment, Banking, and Asset Management experience in international markets namely London, Europe, Africa, and Asia. This while having a passion for growing businesses, fashion, and new technologies, especially fintech and blockchain where he has been deeply involved since these technologies’ inception. Now, Hilton is co-leading the fashion directory fashionabc as well as technology startup Ztudium, a builder of 4IR platforms (using blockchain, AI and IoT data analytics).

From Quantitative Asset Management, Capital Markets, Trading software, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity, Hilton has worked for Morgan Grenfell, Deutsche Bank, AXA Investment Management, EIM Fund of Hedge Funds (responsible for $2.4bn of $13bn), and Cheyne Capital.

Hilton is a graduate in Engineering from Oxford Brookes University and a Master’s in Finance at London Business School. Hilton has always been on the leading edge of innovation and technology in banking, derivative trading, quantitative asset management, hedge funds, and since 2015 the application of FinTech, AI, and blockchain to enterprise solutions.

Hilton Supra is a partner and board member at ztudium, and the co-founder and one of the leading personalities driving techabc, openbusinesscouncil.org and fashionabc.org platforms.

Learn more about Hilton Supra on https://openbusinesscouncil.org/wiki/hilton-supra

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