Some people question the efficacy of personal protection equipment (PPE) in protecting us from COVID-19, thinking that the fight against the coronavirus requires much more sophisticated equipment. While it may be true that there is no way to guarantee that you will not catch the virus, using proper PPE can significantly decrease your chances of getting COVID-19. Read through our article to find out whether PPE is enough to battle COVID-19.



Using disinfectants to clean surfaces like doorknobs, tables, devices, and any frequently touched surfaces can help fight COVID-19. Some disinfectants are proven to kill the virus that causes the coronavirus. It is recommended that you use cloth dabbed in


, such as diluted bleach or chlorine, to wipe indoor surfaces rather than spraying them.  You should add one part of bleach or chlorine to forty-nine parts of water. You can also use 70-90% alcohol to disinfect contaminated surfaces effectively. For a thorough and more effective process, you should wipe the dirt off the surfaces using soap or detergents first, then proceed to disinfect them. When you return home from work or after running a few errands, you should properly wash your hands with soap or water, and use an alcohol-based hand rub before you touch anyone or anything. 

Face Masks, and Shields

Face Masks

COVID-19 mainly spreads through infected droplets. These droplets can be discharged through the mouth or the nose, which means that if an infected person coughs, sneezes, or even spits while talking, they will spread the virus to those near to them. This is why face masks and shields are so important. If you are wondering

where to buy PPE

, you can check out any medical supply store. If the infected person is wearing a face mask, these droplets will be contained, and the chances of you catching COVID-19 would be even lower if you too are wearing a mask. 

In order to be effective, face masks should properly hug the nose and extend down to the chin, covering your whole face. Face shields work pretty much the same way, except they protect your eyes as well. While taking off a face shield, you must remove it from the strap and pull it away from your head without touching your face. You should do the same with the face mask;  remove it from the straps or bands without touching the mask itself. After you remove any of your PPE, you should wash your hands with soap thoroughly and use an alcohol-based hand rub. 


Wearing safety


while touching any public surfaces can be more effective in protecting you against the virus than merely disinfecting the surfaces. However, this is only applicable if you can get rid of them correctly. If you touch the used gloves when taking them off, it can end up backfiring. To safely dispose of the gloves, you should grasp them at the wrist without touching your bare skin, peel them away from your hands, turn them inside out, and throw them at the nearest bin. 

COVID-19 is a very quickly transmitted virus. Due to its high fatality rate, people can be led to believe that simple measures, such as using personal protection equipment would not be enough. However, if used correctly, PPE can protect you and your loved ones from the virus.