2020 was a big year for those who want to work from home. Since offices were closed, plenty of people connected to their coworkers and companies from remote locations. Now that restrictions have eased, you might wonder if you can still take advantage of the remote working lifestyle. Here are some of the top jobs that can be done remotely in 2021.

Customer Service Representative

Do you have excellent communication skills? If the answer is yes, then a remote customer service representative might be the best fit for you. In this position, you will have to take phone calls, use chat software, or speak directly with customers. Many companies have outsourced these positions, and you can find plenty of jobs available that pay a decent wage.


Whether you want to teach English or math, tutoring is a great option for a remote job. You can help foreign language students enhance their knowledge base or provide some tips to struggling college scholars. For this position, you need a quality headset, a solid internet connection, and a webcam. Some companies will want you to use their own software to teach the students.

Medical Transcriptionist

You might think that a medical transcriptionist works in a hospital, but this is often not the case. Many of these professionals spend most of their day in remote locations. The employer sends over digital copies of the paperwork, and they get to work transcribing the materials. This position does require a specific set of skills, so those interested in this job might have to take a few courses.


With the world as connected as ever, there is a need for translation skills. Multilingual workers can find plenty of work from at-home jobs. Translators receive audio or written materials that must be converted from one language to another. If you are an accurate translator, you will find plenty of work that can be done remotely.

Virtual Assistant

With the world changing, most office assistants now work from home. As a virtual assistant, you will have plenty of responsibilities, such as answering emails, writing reports, doing research, and entering data. All that little work that keeps a company moving forward will be your responsibility. If you want to work in this capacity, you should be able to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment. You can find plenty of these positions on job sites like Higher Hire, Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.


If you are well-organized, you should consider a career as an online notary. You will be responsible for legal documents and ensuring that they are signed and notarized according to specific state regulations. However, only a few states have authorized notaries to work remotely. So, how to become a remote notary? You can find plenty of great training programs online that will get you started to become a notary and later you can apply to do the job remotely as well.

Social Media Manager

Are you social media savvy? If so, think about becoming a remote social media manager. With this position, you will keep the posts and profile fresh while connecting and engaging with an audience. Social media managers often schedule and design eye-catching posts, respond to DMs, and monitor the latest hashtag trends. Since social media is vital to many marketing strategies, you can find plenty of opportunities for this position.

These positions are some of the best remote jobs around the world. Whatever you choose, you can earn a solid income from the comfort of your own home.