Whether you are expanding into a larger building because of the growth of your business, or you want to find somewhere that is more comfortable for your staff, if you are moving into an existing office then you may need to consider how you are going to redesign it to suit your way of working. Your employees are used to getting the job done in a certain manner. That’s why it’s up to you to recreate it in your new surroundings. Here is the best way you can adapt an existing office to your own company’s standards.

Figure out the main working space

When moving into any sort of existing office, the first thing you need to do is figure out where your main working space is going to be. Your new office is most likely going to be made up of large and small rooms alike – and you need to decide which area your employees will be working in. You can choose to have them in cubicles or in an open space environment, whilst choosing separate rooms for the meeting room, break room and your own office. Either way, make sure that they are next to power outlets and have enough room to use a computer or to do their work. If they feel crowded in then they will not live up to your expectations work-wise. You may also need to consider whether or not the main work room will need better lighting or not. White lighting is a good way to cheer up your workers as it mimics daylight. Start by buying these coloured lightbulbs to get you going.


It may be time to make your new office feel like home again. Office refurbishmentis the perfect way of getting an existing office looking more like your old quarters. If you are worried that the space is lacking a personal touch, or perhaps certain modern technology (like interactive boards that can be used for both clients and staff during meetings), then this can be installed when you decide to redecorate your office. Try and pick bright colours for wall design and comfortable furniture to make the existing office look more inviting to staff. You may also want to include sofas, book cases or relaxation areas that have beanbags and hammocks in them. That way they can do their jobs and relax whilst on a break in comfort. Some of them may not even want to leave once the end of the day arrives!

Reconstructing Rooms

Whilst this may be a bit extreme, and you will need the advice of a builder to go through with this, if you feel like the existing office does not have the space you need, you may want to consider how you can redesign rooms altogether to provide more space. For instance, if you want your workers to have more space in their main office, you can consider merging two rooms together, or you can create a glass wall that separates a meeting room from the main work room. That way you can give the illusion of space whilst still allowing staff members to retain their privacy should they need to have a quick word with them.

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