Blockchain, NFTs and the Metaverse will enable transformational shifts in the way we live, shaping how people create, consume, monetise, and even identify themselves.

As part of this shift, real estate and tourism are becoming more and more digitised industries. To keep up with the new developments, LynKey, a blockchain-empowered, fourth industrial revolution platform, has recently introduced its NFT marketplace for global tourism and the real-estate world via a special event in Vietnam. The key panellists at this event included some distinguished contributors from the Blockchain world, such as: • David Tran, PhD (Blockchain Expert and Advisor of the LynKey Project) • Dinis Guarda (Founder CEO ztudium, Non-Executive Chairman of LynKey) • Le Dinh Vinh, PhD - Advisor of LynKey • Truong Gia Bao - Chairman of DTS • Henry Bui - COO Vietnam of LynKey

LynKey’s All-Inclusive NFT Marketplace

With versatility as a principle, the officially launched LynKey Metamarket is powered by the LynKey Multichain, which supports its in-house LynKey wallet. However, it will be possible to seamlessly integrate all the major wallets, including Grab Moca, Zalo Pay, Momo, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay, topped with debit and credit cards. These speedy and flexible payment methods make it easier for users to stay in their comfort zone while exploring and using the Metamarket. All that is required is a single click of a smartphone, for the user to become a part of the ever-improving ecosystem.


The signing ceremony between Crystal Holidays and LynKey on implementing Blockchain tourism products

The Future of NFTs

Beyond announcing the marketplace, the event panel delved into a heated dialogue about the future of NFTs, while introducing use cases that will bring the world closer to this digital economy, one step at a time. At the start of the discussion, Dinis Guarda explained LynKey’s vision and mission. He said, 

“LynKey has now secured its presence in more than 20 countries with a loyal user base of more than 500K+ users. Top media outlets including CNBC, Forbes, BusinessInsider, and Yahoo have covered us, all adding up to the massive 12M+ digital footprints and more than 300K followers across social media channels”.

Profound speakers talked about the future NFTs

The emphasis was put on how the tourism industry has been robbed of its potential in terms of growth, development, and inclusivity. In a world that exists digitally, LynKey has gone the extra mile to amalgamate the tourism and real estate industry with the benefits and rewards that Web 3.0 offers. Other panellists also contributed to the discussion. While David Tran spoke about the scope of blockchain and its usability in the real estate sector, Le Dinh Vinh highlighted the principles of smart tourism legality and jurisdiction with respect to the booming blockchain industry.

“It is necessary to highlight the benefits NFT buyers can reap, ranging from selling NFTs to willing buyers, accessing unique experiences pre-purchased in time, to receiving substantial discounts by using LYNK to buy the NFTs within the LynKey ecosystem and getting rewarded for being an active part of the community. The benefits can be extraordinary”,

said Tran.

LynKey’s Take On The Future of Real Estate x NFTs

LynKey’s primary idea centres around creating unique and attractive NFTs for each touchpoint where the user can use their funds, be it a small purchase of spa tickets or a major investment in a penthouse, these NFTs will be provided to willing stakeholders that are ready to scale up with this fast-paced industry. As per LynKey’s unique model and roadmap, all NFT holders get a safety net against their investment in the form of a tangible asset. This trait helps the users to feel more confident about purchasing these artworks with a deeper sense of satisfaction. In addition to the real-life value attached to each NFT, the holders also get special perks that are reserved exclusively for them. There will be benefits at each juncture in the user experience journey, ranging from heavy discounts to the opportunity of owning up to five resort real estate NFTs.

Heading Towards An Exciting Tomorrow

The grand launch event of LynKey’s NFT Marketplace concluded with fun games, photoshoots, and merchandise giveaways alongside a presentation about the company’s plan to enter the Metaverse.

LynKey aims to create a reality where users can live virtually and perform all economic actions in a decentralised environment. With peer-to-peer transactions forming the basis of exchange and smart contracts establishing the governance that automates and accelerates the legal processes, a fast and more efficient future is not a distant dream anymore. The NFT marketplace was just a first step towards building an entire crypto ecosystem in tourism and real estate. With its smart solutions, LynKey, the blockchain-powered, all-in-one ecosystem, aims to meet the digital needs of the tourism and real estate industries, from hospitality products, tickets, spa services, shophouses, penthouses, and villas, hotel apartments, yacht services, golf, shopping, and more. Moreover, LynKey's vision is to tokenize $8 Billion worth of real estate and tourism businesses worldwide, bringing forth a community of property developers, buyers, and sellers with the aim of providing the most secure property solutions, resorts, and premium tourism experiences.