Creating an ergonomic office is an investment in your business. While some of the desks and tools that make an office more ergonomic can be pricey, it will be worth every penny. Ergonomics is the study of how people work more efficiently. By creating an ergonomic workplace, you’ll help your staff maintain their health and their efficiency on the job. Ergonomics also contributes to less workplace injury from repetitive movements and ill-fitting workstations. You’d be amazed at how a few simple tweaks and changes can help everyone work more comfortably in the office. More efficiency means you’ll profit more off the work your employees do.


Get the Right Sized Desks


Finding the right sized desks for your office space can be challenging. You need to ensure the desks are not too small and that they are not too large. Height adjustable lift desks are among newer technologies that help people work in the right sized space. Lift desks can be used as sit or stand workstations, or they can be adjusted up or down for sitting to ensure the proper ergonomic position. It’s important to invest in desks that will be comfortable for your staff so that they can do their work without injury.


Invest in Chairs That Adjust in Multiple Ways


In addition to adjustable desks, you’ll need chairs that also adjust. Simply moving up and down for height is not enough. You’ll want to invest in chairs with adjustable armrests, an adjustable back, and even a headrest where appropriate. These types of chairs help reduce the strain on people’s back and necks. While desk work isn’t labor intensive in the same way a manufacturing job is, people can still be injured on the job because of poor work equipment.


Educate Your Staff on Proper Posture


Education goes a long way to improving office ergonomics. You can invest in the highest quality desks, chairs and equipment, but if people are not taught how to work efficiently at their seats, some people will still experience injury at work.


Customize Workstations for Each Individual


Hiring an ergonomic specialist who can measure people, their desks, and their seats can go a long way to creating a better work environment. People who specialize in ergonomics can help individuals learn how to do their work more efficiently and with less strain. Creating workstations with monitors at the right height, desks that are measured to that person, and a chair personalized for them can make a big difference. The great thing is that almost any workstation can be customized. If you’re not ready to invest in new office furniture, this is the next best thing. You can use boards to lift the desk higher if needed. You can use shelves to prop the monitors on, and you can offer a sturdy footrest for people whose chairs need to be lifted higher. These small changes make a huge difference in comfort and efficiency.


Automate Repetitive Tasks


Did you know that most office injuries are due to repetitive motion? By investing in equipment to automate as many steps of a process as possible, you’ll reduce the risk of workplace injuries for your staff. When you automate repetitive tasks you also lessen the risk of human error. Additionally, it’ll open up opportunities for your workers to learn new skills and gain broader experience if they aren’t stuck doing tedious tasks all day long.


Offer Phone Headsets


Have you ever talked on the phone with your neck bent sideways? How does it feel? Now imagine you must be on the phone all day long. This would get very tiresome and painful after only a short amount of time. One of the ways to create a more ergonomic office is to offer everyone who might need to be on the phone a headset. This will decrease injury and make for a more comfortable work experience. People work much better when they aren’t in pain.




Creating an ergonomic office is an investment. Your staff will be healthier and happier if they aren’t in pain at the end of every day due to inadequate workspaces. This will decrease your costs over time and improve staff retention. Most people don’t like to stay working long for companies who don’t value their staff. One of the ways you can show your employees you care is by giving them an ergonomic space to do their work.