Companies are comprised of paperwork. For all the creative marketing strategies and inventive products, it’s all backed up by a long and winding paper trail.

Of course, some documents are more important than others, so impeccable storage strategies are required. There are many options at your disposal here. Fortunately, many of them can be implemented alongside one another. A diversified approach is key for optimum security, so that side of things is worth considering further, too. Some companies can also be overwhelmed by paperwork logistics, but effective storage solutions can mitigate some of these headaches. After all, the more organised your business is, the less the likelihood of things like errors and misplacements. What are the most effective solutions to help you avoid losing important paperwork? Read on for some of our insights that might give you more direction here.


Colour Coded Storage


Every business needs some level of storage capacity for its paperwork. No company is ever entirely paperless. The best way to stay organised here is through metal lockers. The Workplace Depot have colour coded metal storage lockers that can store paperwork tidily and serve as a constant reminder to employees about where documents should go. Each product comes with a fast delivery time and generous warranty period, ensuring that you always have a reliable way to store your paperwork. Colour coded storage can also inject some character into the workplace. It can be a bonus if the hues are consistent with your branding, facilitating the building of a reliable company image. These perks might seem trivial in nature, but storage can be quite a dry problem, so using it to create a more vibrant workspace is a great way to make the most of the situation. Moreover, these types of solutions also minimise disputes in the workplace. Once employees are precisely aware of where everything should go, they’ll easily find what they’re looking for and not suspect another employee of carelessness or mismanagement. A brighter work culture can be created, with many potential tensions removed.


Use Third-Party Records Management Services


Some firms exist purely to store the paperwork of others. It can be a useful solution that frees up space on your premises. This effort can be more cost-effective too. After all, some smaller businesses can find themselves renting out larger commercial buildings for greater storage capabilities. By handing over documents to trustworthy businesses, a much more size-appropriate space can be secured, saving money in the process. Ensure that you’re only dealing with reputable companies in this situation. They need to be reliable and trustworthy, and you shouldn’t have any doubts about their performance. Browse customer reviews or field recommendations from respected peers and mentor figures in your company or sector. These services often possess scanning and shredding capabilities. That said, you should also take care to work with records management companies that have green practices. Waste disposal is important for paper, so this should be a high priority for your company.


Think About the Role of Copies


There can be an instinct to photocopy important documents to avoid losing them forever. However, these solutions aren’t always viable unless accountants and solicitors require a copy. Avoid doing this to the paperwork is confidential, as it may breach data protection regulations. If you’re in doubt, you should confer with your colleagues and superiors to see what workplace practices you should be following. There should also be signs erected near photocopies to discourage these efforts in certain situations. Even if copies are not discouraged in the company handbook, it can still be worth disposing of physical copies. Don’t hesitate to shred sensitive documents if they’re an unnecessary excess. That way, you can be confident that they won’t fall into the wrong hands. Confidential copies of documents can’t be misplaced if they’re shredded first. Ensure that your workmates are complying with these measures too. While quality storage is key for important paperwork, leaving copies lying around is not always worth the risk. Efforts such as these must be company-wide, and one lapse in judgement is all it takes to create a world of chaos.


Go Digital 


Technology is often responsible for solving many business-related grievances these days. This is especially true when it comes to sorting paperwork. Many firms are now looking to embrace a digital transformation, with most of their admin processes concentrated in cyberspace. In the case of paperwork, cloud computing solutions allow the fast exchange of important documents. Servers and documents can be encrypted and password-protected, reducing the chances of paperwork being lost or stolen. Electronic signatures can easily be given, eliminating wasted time with managing paperwork. By implementing additional layers of cybersecurity, you can benefit from the peace of mind that comes with knowing your documents are all secure. Going digital can also mean going paperless. Of course, backups are easy to create in a digital context. Important paperwork can be easily duplicated, and should any printouts be lost or files accidentally deleted, that can either be recovered or replicated in most circumstances.