Moneymailme App: Chat, Send & Receive Money Secure, Instantly, Almost Anywhere in the World!

Moneymailme is a new innovative app where anyone can share anything with one touch and chat.Moneymailme enables you to send money to your closest friends, family, and to socialize and network almost anywhere in the world.

With social media and digital being part of the lives of over 4 billion people in the world everyone got used to send messages, photos, and even files every day. But what about e-money? Moneymailme is one of the first global chat apps with international e-money transfers capacity integrated on its core product! It offers ways to manage how you send, pay, spend and receive money at a glance, while chatting with your friends, relatives and colleagues.

Moneymailme is an innovative chatting app that combines the social interaction with the joy of sending and receiving available e-money, instantly. From sending money back to your relative or friend who just paid for your coffee, to contributing, with office colleagues, for buying a gift for your manager, Moneymailme facilitates micro-payments, file sharing and chatting at the same time, allowing you to make out of payments a real enjoyable social money experience.

In a nutshell, it’s a messaging app and social money network that you can use to communicate and send money through. Imagine being able to send a SMS and as well as an emoji where you can attach 1p, or 50p, or £500, or whatever you want to send from your e-wallet.

Moneymailme is available for Apple IOs and Android Google Play stores. Moneymailme makes complete sense, in a digital social media, international world and the app can be used in over 110 countries.

Seven Key features offered by Moneymailme:

  1. Send e-money - Sending e-money with Moneymailme is simple! Register your account, add e-money to your balance and you’re ready!
  2. Security  - Moneymailme takes security very seriously! Special Cyber security. Moneymailme uses three-factor authentication to make sure you are in control of your account. Either you are sending, receiving or withdrawing e-money, you can check your transactions anytime with a few taps.
  3. No fees - Moneymailme is the new, simple way to send and receive e-money for free! There are no fees within the app.
  4. Three different currencies - With Moneymailme, you can now send and receive e-moneyin 3 different currencies, Euro, Pounds and Dollars.
  5. Supporting a good cause - With Moneymailme we’re trying to bring people closer. You can help raise funds or donate to good causes that have been verified by our team.
  6. Send and receive money to over 110 countries fast and effectivelly and rely in a team of currency transfers, tecnology experts and serious financial organisations.
  7. Marketplace - Moneymailme offers a place to buy products using your e-wallet, for now books but in a new future many other products.

Moneymailme makes this possible in real time, secure and free, by using a regulated international network of e-wallets that allow the easy transferring of money through virtual wallets. Moneymailme uses highly advanced security protocols and top-notch encryption to offer full protection of  users conversations and transactions, because, as we all know, there’s nothing more important than the security of our data. Its team has experience in working with top money transference operations globally.

With Moneymailme users can become increasingly involved in the friendly and seamless flow of simultaneous social engagement and the gesture of transferring of e-money to friends and family across town or across the globe.

Moneymailme signup is pretty frictionless and straightforward. Plus, by partnering with trusted international and UK financial institutions allows Moneymailme to have competitive fees and offers full security.

One can request or send e-money within seconds using the Moneymailme app almost anywhere in the world, to any of the users, without needing to know any bank account number or other transfer details. You can upload after £20 or £100  straight into my Moneymailme e-wallet account through you credit or debit card or bank transference. Or you can ask someone to send you money and after you can withdraw it to a bank account if you go through that process. But you can keep the money. You can then send it around to people for fun or for paying your friends, family, colleague, businesses, and causes.

This is the brilliance of Moneymailme app. It takes something a money operation normally very serious, utilitarian, and makes it into a social media, almost game, a banter between friends, family relatives, a social money communication.

Moneymailme offers as well a new marketplace to buy products such as books, and in a near future, many others.

There are no fees for transfers within the closed app system to any of the users, there’s just the top-up fee of 2,5%, which is the only fee you ever pay.

Charity and good causes are a big part of what Moneymailme is all about, and there is even a special tab dedicating to donating to various charities. It is a great way to put cash to good use. For the first time, users can use a social App not just for one´s own benefit, but to help others. With Moneymailme one can donate in real time, with 0 cost, and help make a difference! Through the company´s partnerships with various foundations and charities around the world ( one example is the leading charity GlobalGiving) one can have an updated version of the causes, by categories, with all the details needed.

Moneymailme has an impressive team that comprehends tech innovators, such as Mihai Evascu, the founder CEO, that is enrolled in a Doctorate of Business Administration with a thesis on Disruptive Technologies for the Financial Industry, at the University of Monaco and Harvard University and Paul Mears, a serial entrepreneur, tech and financial expert, the CFO of the company. Moneymailme has as well an international board that comprehends financial currency world leaders, that have been working with top financial organisations, and technology experienced engineers and developers with awards in cyber security and in fintech innovation.

The app operates in the same way as many standard chat messaging apps, aside from the whole financial slant. You can add friends, family members, partners, business relations and send messages and do many things that you can do within other apps here.
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