Music For is the new podcast between artist, designer and producer Amrita Sen and citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil Founder Dinis Guarda. In this episode, the hosts welcome Nevin Densham, Writer / Producer at Trilogy Entertainment Group and Co-Producer of Netflix Altered Carbon, to talk about one of the most majestic and mysterious figures in history: the great Genghis Khan, hero or villain?

[embed][/embed] Thought as a collaborative work between the two, the podcast showcases the power of music to improve our wellbeing and healing as well as Amrita’s exclusive ideas in terms of narratives from World's Mythology. She aesthetically introduces a fresh perspective to the potentials of music in alleviating one’s inner self by taking an illustration of Buddha’s life and other great characters of history. #MusicFor #MusicForGenghisKhan #NevinDensham

About Nevin Densham

Nevin Densham was born in Los Angeles and has been writing professionally since 2004, trained under television and feature Writer/Producers Pen Densham and John Watson. He sold his first feature script off a pitch in 2004 to MGM/UA in a meeting with MGM Chairman Chris McGurk entitled Flesh and Blood, based on the book Blood Crazy by English horror maven Simon Clark. Since then, he has helped develop several television series with Trilogy Entertainment Group as well as continued his work in feature writing. Recently, he sold his second feature off a pitch, entitled Total Exposure, to independent producer Peter Elson. He's worked on the set of feature films and television series such as CBS's Magnificent Seven and UPN's The New Twilight Zone, as well as helping to produce the independent feature film JUST BURIED, starring Jay Baruchel and Rose Byrne, in 2007. Nevin has consulted for Syfy and Halmi Productions on TV development, working with Mark Stern and Jeff Sagansky, as well as working closely with New Line, MGM and UA in feature development. He's worked with Sterling Worldwide Entertainment to adapt the New York Times Best Seller MY FATHER'S SECRET WAR, written by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Lucinda Franks.

About Amrita Sen

Originally from India, Amrita Sen is a US-based designer, singer, producer and business woman of Indian-themed products and entertainment for global markets. Amrita Sen combines the creation of original artistic content with extensive business experience to commercialize unique products at retail and on-the-air. Among her many achievements, Amrita performed at the 2009’s Academy Awards with music legend AR Rahman, singing Jai Ho from the Oscar-winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire. As an entrepreneur, Amrita creates original Indian-themed art on successful lines of fashion and home products and distributes it through her own personal brand, Amrita Sen Designs.

More about Amrita Sen

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About Dinis Guarda

Dinis Guarda is an author, academic, influencer, serial entrepreneur and leader in 4IR, AI, Fintech, digital transformation and Blockchain. With over two decades of experience in international business, C level positions and digital transformation, Dinis has worked with new tech, cryptocurrencies, drive ICOs, regulation, compliance, legal international processes, and has created a bank, and been involved in the inception of some of the top 100 digital currencies. Dinis has created various companies such as Ztudium tech platform a digital and blockchain startup that created the software Blockimpact (sold to Glance Technologies Inc) and founder and publisher of,, and Dinis is also the co-founder of techabc and citiesabc, a digital transformation platform to empower, guide and index cities through 4IR based technologies like blockchain, AI, IoT, etc. As an author, Dinis Guarda published the book 4IR: AI, Blockchain, FinTech, IoT, Reinventing a Nation in 2019, among others. His upcoming book, titled 4IR Magna Carta Cities ABC: A tech AI blockchain 4IR Smart Cities Data Research Charter of Liberties for our humanity is due to be published in 2020. He is ranked as one of the most influential people in Blockchain in the world by Right Relevance as well as being listed in Cointelegraph’s Top People In Blockchain and Rise Global’s The Artificial Intelligence Power 100. He was also listed as one of the 100 B2B Thought Leaders and Influencers to Follow in 2020 by Thinkers360.


About Dinis Guarda's 4IR: AI, Blockchain, Fintech, IoT - Reinventing a Nation

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