You may not realize it, but your office’s design and decor can actually go a long way to affecting your employees’ motivation and productivity. A badly designed office can be a terrible work environment as moving around it could be highly inefficient. Not only that, though, but it could create a few hazards and might even encourage clutter. Once you’ve sorted out your office’s layout, you then need to think about how it looks. Here are some tips from other successful entrepreneurs that should help you create a beautifully designed office that is great for your team’s productivity!


Use Bright Colors


First of all, think about the colors that you use within your office. Don’t go for ones that are too dark as these could be quite overbearing. They might even make your office feel a lot smaller than what it is as well. So, it’s best to go for crisp, bright colors that can help to open up the whole space. Try to keep the colors fairly neutral too so that they aren’t too overwhelming for any of your employees.


Support The Local Arts Community


To try to improve your company’s reputation with the local community, it’s a nice idea to support artists working in your region. You might want to buy a few artworks from a couple of local artists for your walls, for instance. Another nice idea is to hire a couple of artists to come into your office so that they can create a stylish mural for one of your office walls.


Keep Decor Features Tasteful


When you do choose other decor features to add to your office, it’s best to try to keep everything as tasteful as possible. This will help to add an air of sophistication to your office, which can help it seem extremely professional. Rather than some plain wall sconces, you might want to opt for some office acrylic wall art for example. It’s also best to keep these decor features to a minimum as adding too many could make your office look slightly cluttered and tacky.


Keep Decor Features Tasteful

Keep Decor Features Tasteful


Don’t Forget Mirrors


It’s really worth adding a few mirrors around your office. This is especially the case if your office is only fairly small, as these mirrors can help to create the illusion of space. Mirrors will also help fill the room with a lot more natural light. If you strategically place a mirror opposite a window, then sunlight will shine into the mirror and reflect around the rest of the office, helping to brighten it all up.


Use Dividers In Open-Plan Offices


It’s a good idea to add some dividers to open-plan areas in your office. They can help add a bit of privacy so that it doesn’t feel like your employers are all working on top of one another. Plus, creating sections with dividers will make the space feel a lot more spacious. As you can see, there are plenty of great decor tips that you can use in your office. Let us know which ones you go with!