Oracle is one of the renowned names offering applications suites to businesses to streamline their day-to-day operations. Due to technical advancement, Oracle releases frequent updates to remain competitive in the current landscape of the world and fulfill customer requirements. Organizations need to adhere to these updates to use these applications. That's where Oracle testing comes in. However, performing manual tests can be time-consuming and resource intensive, and one can overcome it with automation. 

Oracle EBS test automation tools offer several benefits, such as faster test execution, increased test coverage, improved accuracy, etc. In this blog, we will dive deeper into benefits and ways to find the best Oracle testing tools. 

Benefits of Using Oracle EBS Test Automation Tools

Higher Test Coverage

Oracle EBS test automation tools allow you to perform Oracle testing on an intended number of test cases. It also helps you to know how much to test, preventing resource waste. You can perform Oracle testing for various scenarios with automation tools, resulting in improved software quality. 

Risk Reduction

Oracle keeps releasing updates, and organizations need to regression test these releases to avoid disruption. However, what to test is a challenging question. Manual Oracle testing doesn't offer enough test coverage and also doesn't offer testing speed. Organizations should use automation tools for automating Oracle testing.

Increased Productivity and Scalability

Using an automation platform allows you to create the test case in less time, which requires minimal maintenance. Once test cases are created, one can reuse them for a long time to perform regression testing. 

Cost Saving

Incorporating Oracle EBS test automation tools in your organization can allow you to save money compared to manual testing, unlike popular belief. Generally, an organization needs to undergo repetitive testing that becomes time-consuming and resources intensive over the years if managed manually. However, automation tools need a one-time investment to create test scripts, and one can automate repetitive tasks, saving money in the long run. 

More Accurate Test

Automation tools ensure the minimum intervention of humans, preventing human error. These tools also mitigate repetitive and boring tasks, offering more accuracy.

How to Find the Best Oracle EBS Test Automation Tools

Finding the best Oracle EBS test automation tools won't be easy, and one needs to consider various factors to fulfill your organization's needs. If you want to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of Oracle testing, keep in mind these factors.

Compatible with Oracles EBS

The Oracle EBS test automation tools must be compatible with the Oracle EBS version that you are using. These tools must have built-in support to interact with the application's user interface. Opkey is a no-code automation tool that automates Oracle testing and is compatible with the Oracle EBS version.

Assess Your Requirements

Before choosing an automation tool, you must understand the testing needs of your organization and the types of tests you need to automate. Every organization faces a specific challenge based on the Oracle EBS modules you use. 

Research Available Tools

In the market, dozens of automation tools are available, and every tool has its own functionality. Some tools are open-source, while others offer codeless automation. Opkey is one of the best tools in the market, allowing you to automate testing without proper coding knowledge.


Every organization has its own set of challenges, and customization allows organizations to cater to their specific needs. Look for the Oracle EBS test automation tools that allow you to customize and offer you unique testing requirements. 

Community and Support

Before choosing an automation tool, one must look for communities and support for the selected tools. It allows you to get valuable insight to mitigate the testing problem.

Top Oracle EBS Test Automation Tools


Opkey is a no-code automation tool specifically built for Oracle EBS. It helps organizations to create test cases in one click. It also offers thousands plus pre-built test cases across 14+ ERPs and 150+ enterprise apps. It also ensures that your data is safe and secure in the automation process.

Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS)

OATS is Oracle's own test automation tool, an obvious choice for testing Oracle applications. It is easy to set up and design, allowing easy automation for Oracle applications. It is compatible with all Oracle modules, and it is no surprise. However, operating it is difficult since it is based on Oracle’s proprietary language.


Selenium is one of the popular open-source Oracle EBS test automation tools that is free to use and has many community members. However, automating the Oracle testing with Selenium requires programming knowledge. Selenium also supports multiple programming languages.

Concluding Remarks!

Organizations need to perform Oracle testing to adhere to the frequent updates, which can be done manually and automatically. But manual testing is time-consuming and resource-intensive that can be solved by automatic testing. Oracle EBS test automation tools allow organizations to automate their Oracle testing, offering higher test coverage, risk reduction, cost saving, etc. Opkey is a powerful automation tool that streamlines the Oracle testing process. It allows testers to automate tedious and repetitive tasks.