Running a successful business has a lot to do with the idea and the business plan. But that isn’t the be all and end all. A stellar business plan that has been put in the hands of a less than enthused team can mean that it won’t be as much of a success as it could be, even if it is at all. Which is why it is so important to make sure that you are employing the right people for your business, in order to help it to thrive. But in order to attract the kind of employees that you want, and hopefully, have them stick around with your business for a while, you need to be an employer where people want to work and be an employer that helps individuals to be heard, to work well, and to develop. So it is a big consideration when you start recruiting people.

With that in mind, here are some of the things that all good employers tend to have, and how you can work on them if you’re not quite there yet. Then it is much easier to create a team that will help the business to do well. So it makes good business sense to not only run the business well, but run the management of your employees well.

Offers Flexible Working

In the modern day and age that we live in, if you don’t offer flexible working then you are almost working in quite an old-school way. If your business is one that can be worked remotely, then offering flexible working can be a great thing for you, as well as the team. It opens things up to a whole new audience of applicants if you are a business that does offer flexibility in the workplace.

Creates a Conducive Work Environment

It can be hard to attract the right people to the job if they come for interview, see the state of where they would have to work, and then decline the offer. You might not think that it is much of a consideration, as surely most people thinking about prospects and their wage? But in actual fact, the whole package of working for you is considered. And if you are not up to date in the workplace, or have an unsafe or unattractive space to work, it can really put people off. It can make it harder to do their job if the right equipment isn’t in place either. An article like this one, Office Design: How To Design An Office The Whole Team Will Love, could be worth a read, simply because it helps you to make sure that your office is designed with your employees in mind. And any good employer wants to make sure that their employees are taken care of.

Creates a Creative and Fun Culture

Office politics can be draining, and no one wants to work in an environment like that. So look at the example of some of the companies that are booming right now, such as Google and Facebook. They don’t have a stuffy office culture, and people are trusted to wear casual dress but still get their job done. There are places for them to play and relax, as well as things like football tables in the rest area, and video games that they can play on during breaks. An environment like this attracts fun and creative people, as well as those willing to work hard without the constraints of a typical office. So think outside of the box a little bit for the environment that you create at work, and it can be a big deal to your employees (or potential employees).

Provides Room For Growth

Someone applying for a job with you will be keen to hear about the role that they have applied for, of course. But in the back of their mind they will want to know that there is the potential to do more in the business and that there is room to grow. Even if they like the job they’ve applied for, if it is clear from the outset that there is no room for them to grow, then it can quite easily put them off. So a good employer will put plans in place for their team members and look at ways to help them to grow and develop, professionally and personally. Keep communication open about this kind of thing, so that you can share your ideas, as well as hear what they are keen to do as well.

Understands Work and Life Balance

A good employer really recognizes and knows that your employees do have a life outside of the office. And sometimes, they need to have a better work and life balance. Whether it is with children, other relatives, or outside interests, it can be good to help them have more of a balance. Flexible working is usually something that helps with that, so that parents don’t have to miss important things in their children’s lives, for instance. But even something like allowing a slightly longer lunch break for an employee that is training for a marathon can help them to train in the day, rather than when they get home, and allowing them to be flexible will still mean that they can still get their work done.

Pays Fairly

There are so many reasons why people work and do the jobs that they do. But one of the main factors will be money. And in order to be a good employer, you need to be someone that pays fairly for the job that people are doing. Offering raises and bonuses where applicable can be a great way to retain employees, as well as working out a pay rise depending on performance (depending on what kind of business that you are in) can be a good idea too. Then people will know that they are having their work noticed and appreciated. Pay fairly and it will be a great way to attract people to work for you, as well as retain the employees that you already have, meaning business can grow and grow.

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