STOP! Are you a start-up business? Okay, amazing. Are you outsourcing or automating everything you could be to ensure you’re getting maximum time efficiency from yourself and your days? Maybe not. Well, in that cause take a peek at the list below, and we bet you’ll find at least three of these useful. You don’t have to outsource everything to be a success, far from it, you just have to look at what you could get by doing so.

Social media platforms – are you chasing your tail every day just to post on all the platforms you’re using right now? Put the meme down and step away from the keyboard. Hook yourself up to something like Buffer, Hootsuite or Sprout. Not only can you keep a better eye on where you are growing, and where your engagement is, but you can schedule months ahead of yourself. You are going to save so many hours. Administration tasks take hours and hours. In fact, they take hours away from you being a creative, innovative world-leading person in your field. Have you heard the term Virtual Assistant? Okay well, these wonderful internet dwelling wizards can make your admin tasks disappear in the blink of an eye. If you aren’t sure what you can hand off to them and how to keep it safe, then have a peep below.


  •    Data Entry
  •    Email Management
  •    Social Media Scheduling (couples with the platforms above – zoom zoom)
  •    Commenting on blogs for you
  •    Writing product descriptions
  •    Managing your files – naming, renaming, moving
  •    Reporting
  •    Errands (obviously within their online range)
  •    Book your travel


It is like having two of yourself. And in order to keep all of your logins safe, use something like LastPass. You might not find the perfect VA for you straight away, so don’t be afraid to swap early on if you aren’t getting that synergy. Talk to a technology business consulting company, and find out what they can help you with in terms of your IT systems and processes. To explore more, access platforms such as planned ascent. Customer service. Remember that time you had bad customer service, and you told everyone about it over and over again? Well, yeah. Let’s avoid that by setting up an automated response on your social media platforms and setting up a Chatbot where you can. You’re VA (Rockstar) can also deal with these type of requests – just issue them with a set list of questions and responses. Simple. Fiscal bits and bobs. 

Small businesses make big mistakes when doing their bookkeeping and accounting themselves, so ask around and find one of each that have a strong background. This might cost more than you’d like to pay but in the long run, they will save you money and keep you entirely legal and out of trouble. Content writing. You might think that your website is okay to be static. It isn’t if you want to rank higher on Google, having fresh content will signal that your site is live and up the ranks, you’ll go. You can find plenty of brilliant and experienced freelance content writers on Freelancer, Upwork and Fivver – for very reasonable rates. Good content will keep coming back just as much as your products and services.