Pugachev Is Bringing Luxury Rentals To Customers’ Hands

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Car rentals have become a popular option for travellers. It helps to improve the quality of holiday significantly as well as to display your individuality to business partners. Today, anyone is free to choose among a wide variety of services that can be found on the web. However, in order to get a positive experience, you need to address a trustworthy company that can approach any request professionally, predict clients’ desires and provide useful additional services.

Choose quality

A popular car rental agency Pugachev.Miami stands out from the rest, having an amazing car park that includes superior and rare models to suit literally any taste and aspiration:

  • Respectable Mercedes-Benz
  • Stunning Rolls Royce
  • First-placed Ferrari
  • World-recognized Lamborghini
  • Stylish BMW
  • Luxury Porsche
  • Most successful and desirable Ford models
  • Unparalleled Tesla
  • Mighty Range Rover
  • Brilliant Bentley and others.

The company offers full-operational vehicles at a reasonable price. The absolutely positive client feedback is due to the quality services and efficient customer support. Check out Pugachev.Miami Instagram account and Mark Pugachev’s personal account to see the available luxury car models and glowing references of satisfied clients.

Fast and easy rentals

Pugachev.Miami has been on the market for quite a long time, however, it is only in 2019 when the company presents a brand-new soft for IOS. Three years of work were crowned with a convenient application that allows renting exotic automobiles easy and fast. Besides two main languages, English and Russian, users have an opportunity to choose other ones for faster navigation. Developers aspire to make the application a multilingual one. Those who know the company as a car rental agency will be surprised to learn that Pugachev’s offers actually include:

  • Luxury cars
  • Yacht charters
  • Private jets
  • Apartments

The number of available options increases every day. Having downloaded the application, you can follow the updates directly on your pocket screen.

New application

When the installation is complete, you need to register using one of the three possible ways:

  • Be phone number
  • By email address
  • By Facebook

Then, you can immediately start browsing the app. It allows filtering items by rate or arranging them by their prices (low to high, high to low). For each option, you will find a detailed description including technical characteristics, price, and clients’ reviews. In case you have made a final decision, push the “Go to checkout” button to complete a short application form that requires the following info:

  • The number of rental days
  • Contact cell phone number
  • Vehicle delivery address
  • Additional details you want to provide
  • A promo code in case you have one

Then you only need to choose a payment method (credit card or debit card payment, cryptocurrency transactions, etc.)  - as easy as that. The app keeps the data concerning your previous orders - it can be found on the Dashboard. The “Entertainment” page contains articles about vehicles and everything connected with the auto industry. To request any info, you can fill in the box on the “Support” page, and to see your personal data go to “Your account”. The latter displays your favorites, payment info, language settings, and others.

Superior convenience

Whether you regularly turn to premium class rental services or if it will be your first experience, it is highly recommended to download Pugachev app that can significantly save time and help to arrange a “travel pack” that includes transport and needful accommodation.

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