Aurélien Onimus, CEO of, innovator, and blockchain author came to the latest episode of the Dinis Guarda Youtube Podcast series to discuss the ingression of blockchain technology in the real estate industry and the challenges and opportunities it presents for businesses in France. Hosted by Dinis Guarda, the series is powered by,, and 

Welcoming Aurélien Onimus to the podcast, Dinis started the episode by asking Aurélien about his experiences in the blockchain space at an early age. Aurélien told him that after his education, he got interested in the evolutionary patterns of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. His books, as he stated, follow this pattern and provide an overall manifestation of the fundamentals that build these concepts.

"It was around this time that I launched my own consulting firm about three years ago, advising startups and small institutions in developing blockchain use cases. I also began thinking about launching my own product around blockchain, especially around cryptocurrency, and this is how came up", he said.

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Dinis was interested to know the vision that led to the establishment of Aurélien's Aurélien told him that his global vision of making investment practices fun and social for all participants, and not simply limited to the experts in the industry. Sharing the idea behind his motivation to build his product on the blockchain, he told Dinis:

"It's quite interesting to see that whatever is happening in the space: NFTs, metaverse, Web 3.0, crypto crashes (sadly). Whatever type of asset we have worldwide, it will have a digital representation in blockchain and other technologies in the coming years. I strongly believe that real estate, energy, and supply chain will have a unique Id in the future world. Based on this, I really think there are a lot of opportunities here to help society, help develop some more economic approaches regarding business."

Challenges in French culture and regulations for widespread adoption of blockchain technology

Dinis asked Aurélien about his experiences with the blockchain community in France. Aurélien told him that blockchain is gradually ingraining itself in multiple sectors, including gaming, real estate, and energy. However, it is the gaming sector where Plug-and-Play methods are gaining popularity, making it easier for the metaverse to become mainstream with the evolution.

“I also see more and more companies launching incubators and accelerators dedicated to Web 3.0 and blockchain. This proves that the industry is trying to mature, initiated by private actors”, he highlighted.

He further shared his thoughts on regulations and legislation in the French and European markets:

"If a lot of governments are working on framing legislation, it's really good. Because I believe that it helps structure the crypto industry. With the work of AMF, they work to improve legal jurisdictions and to give a global framework to all European Companies. Their new legislation and recommendations are emerging now: Micah Market in Crypto Assets, which will structure the European environment a lot."

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Regulations and Strategies Within Blockchain In France: Aurélien Onimus, CEO of, At The Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast

A Practical Guide To Blockchain In Business: A fresh perspective to the concepts in Web 3.0

Discussing Aurélien’s latest book on the podcast, Dinis asked him to throw light on it. Aurélien told him that the book discusses the practical use cases of blockchain. the book, he said, targets two basic types of industries: tech companies that can leverage the concepts and advance their levels of expertise, and businesses that are looking for opportunities and avenues to grow in the space.

He also told Dinis that the book highlights some of the practical use cases for each category of the target audience, and strategies that can help investors and venture capitalists to be able to fund the projects in blockchain and Web 3.0 space.

Concluding the interview, Dinis and Aurélien agreed:

“Blockchain brings a huge amount of capacity for creating the idea of certification and solidifying the industry. We will only progress when people and projects find solutions to problems that exist here.”



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