Data from over 200,000 websites reveals that a custom domain will bring in 20 times the number of leads, whilst businesses displaying a brand logo on their site get contacted three times as much as those without

A global survey 235,000 websites, across seven countries, has revealed that businesses that purchase their own domain, that is, a registered brand domain not associated with a website builder, gain twenty times as many leads from their sites as those without.

London-based tech company UENI, whose mission is to get all the world's small businesses online, has collected data over the last five years (2014-2019) on the key factors that ultimately increase the online success of a business.

"This marks an important step for both us and the small businesses we work with," UENI's CEO Christine Telyan comments. "The in-depth data will bring real value to our users, helping them envision what works and doesn't work for businesses like theirs.

"In turn, it will also allow us to continue improving our tools to better serve their needs, and get us closer to our goal of helping small businesses compete with bigger brands."

The results, which are being released to coincide with Small Business Saturday, show that businesses with their own unique, custom domain name gain over twenty times (20.03 times) as many inbound leads from their website when compared with those hosted on a website builder's subdomain.

In addition, the same study revealed that businesses with their own logo visible onsite gain more than three times (3.33 times) as many leads from their websites compared with those without a logo.

"Small Business Saturday is aimed at motivating people to shop at small and local businesses in the run up to the holidays," adds Telyan, "but most people will look online before they go into a high street shop, so it's vital that local businesses are presenting themselves clearly and professionally on the internet."