Once your small indie business begins to take off and orders start coming in from around the country, or even the world, it can be a very daunting experience. You small hobby-led business has now snowballed into something much more, albeit quite unexpectedly. But don’t worry too much! There is plenty of guidance out there to help you on your way, and to maintain your great business idea. Read on for our top tips that you should keep in mind during this journey.



Time Management


It’s great to work for yourself. But that means that you will end up doing all the work unless you outsource some things. As well as this, the only person around to keep track of your goals and deadlines is yourself. If you’re a product seller, then getting deliveries out on time is very important or you’re going to end up with some disgruntled buyers. If on top of that, you are creating your products, then that adds another thing that will take up your time. Finding a good way of managing your time and keeping reminders of critical tasks is very important. Try to stay organised and you will find that the work will become a lot easier.




You’re never too small to market your products or services. Make good use of intuitive, easily accessible design software and keep your social media accounts buzzing away. The only way you’re going to maintain a healthy customer base is by keeping your brand relevant. You could also outsource these tasks to an agency or freelancer if you have the funds or contacts.


Don’t Do Everything Alone


Speaking of outsourcing, finding other professionals or businesses that can assist you in your work can be invaluable. Whether you’re paying for designers, tech helpers, or even logistics companies, you’ll be saving time in the long run, and time is money! If you’re selling and shipping products, you’re going to need to make use of a delivery service. You might even be selling products to people on the other side of a large city such as London. Consider paying for a courier service like Mango Logistics Group to take advantage of quick, same day deliveries.


Don’t Take On Too Much


Always make sure you’re not overdoing it too. If you’re taking on too many jobs or orders, you can end up both burning yourself out and being unable to fulfil those orders too. That leads to so many more problems and ultimately will harm both your business and your health. Using those time management skills, determine what you can comfortably take on and learn to say no to things you can’t.


Look After Yourself


Ultimately, you need to look after yourself. If you’re giving yourself unhealthy work hours from poor time management and taking on too many tasks as mentioned above, this will risk impacting your mental and physical health. Make sure you eat, stay hydrated, and adopt a good sleeping habit. This will bolster your attitude and health and can only help your business overall.