- Innovative approach to training will inspire new generation of future managers and business leaders;

- Academy Expands with Opening of Birmingham and Manchester Offices.

London headquartered The S&A Transform Group (The S&A Group) has revealed plans for its “Future Business Leaders” blueprint, with the aim to inspire a new generation of managers, business analysts and leaders across all sectors of business, industry and commerce through the S&A Business & Leadership Academy.

The S&A Business & Leadership Academy will be based both in Manchester and Birmingham, with a new office being opened in the latter. The academy will be run by transformation and change leader and Director Rachel Thomas, who has blazed a trail across both public-and private-sector organisations in education, business, industry and apprenticeship training. 

The first courses to be delivered by the academy at L3, L5 and L7 will commence in June.

The Future Business Leaders blueprint is a unique approach to the training of apprentices to create well-rounded business managers, analysts and future leaders.  This is in addition to the standard qualifications from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The blueprint blends traditional academic principles and training to industry-standard qualifications at L3, L5 and L7 level, whilst also delivering modules of training that are constantly evolving with current business practices, industry knowledge and methodology.

The development of both soft and hard skills along with a unique mindset awareness training.

The courses are delivered by instructors, mentors and educators who have worked extensively across both academia and industry.

- Developing future-proofed skillsets in analytics, debating and presenting.

- Real-world scenarios, skillsets and behaviours.

- Resilience and continuous personal development. 

- Inclusivity, diversity, awareness and empowerment. 

- Championing women leaders.

- Team communication engagement and retention. 

- Mental health first aid and wellness. 

Founded by visionary tech entrepreneur Darren Coomer MBA, The S&A Transform Group has to date invested over £1.5m into three new specialised apprenticeship training academies: Technology & Digital, Science & Laboratory, Business & Leadership. 

Darren Coomer.jpg
Darren Coomer MBA, Visionary tech entrepreneur 

Each academy has a ground-breaking approach to its apprenticeship training with its senior leadership team of instructors and mentors. The academy takes a palette of traditional methods and qualifications and then blends the latest industry trends and tradecraft that have been learnt and developed first-hand by educators and instructors with real-world scenarios and playbooks. 

These are fused alongside an extensive personal development programme that is designed to bring out the best leadership and management skills. Modules of training are delivered that are constantly evolving with current knowledge, practices and methodology, as well as developing both soft and hard skills along with mindset awareness. The courses are delivered by instructors, mentors and educators who have worked both in academia and industry, delivered in a hybrid model of online and in-person training and exercises. 

Transformation and Change Director of the S&A Business & Leadership Academy, Rachel Thomas, said:

“We are taking a unique approach to the training of our business analysts, managers and leaders of the future. It is no longer sufficient to achieve basic industry accreditation and qualifications.  We need to train employees and apprentices into exceptionally talented managers and leaders of the future. Equip them with a unique skill set, mind set and approach to driving innovation and transformation of British business. We also have a long way to go in getting more women into senior management and leadership roles to become trailblazers.  

“Our approach at the S&A Business & Leadership Academy is different and unique; we are training the future managers and leaders of industry, business and commerce across multiple sectors. We are equipping apprentices, employees and managers with a unique mind set  and the hard and soft skillsets. The success of any business or organisation rests on its innovation and its ability to become transformational, this can only be done with management teams and future leaders who possess the skills to enable this change.”

The S&A Business & Leadership Academy

Level 3 certification last for 15 months and is delivered to those in supervisory team leadership roles across many different industries. They receive a standard XXX qualification and also associate membership of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). This provides the stepping stone to middle management. 

The S&A Business & Leadership Academy

Level 5 training and certification lasts 17 months and is delivered to those operational managers or departmental heads. The training leads to an end-point assessment (EPA) where apprentices then present a business improvement project and submit a report on their project and an e-portfolio of work, as well as carrying out an effective professional discussion. 

The S&A Business & Leadership Academy

Level 7 training course is a master’s level-equivalent without the dissertation, and delivered to senior leaders at C-suite and above. Whilst many  senior executives and leaders have achieved success by career progression, the L7 qualification equips individuals with the confidence to lead business transformation innovation and change in the ever-changing business landscape. 

Rachel Thomas added:

“We want to smash the ceiling, break the boundaries and redefine business leadership.  Our instructors and mentors can truly equip employees and apprentices to be the analysts and leaders of tomorrow with a future-proofed apprenticeship and qualification. By taking this approach, we have better, more-rounded leaders who can transform businesses, innovate those businesses and effectively navigate change. We teach leaders to understand what leadership and management is about, how to maintain staff retention, lead innovation, and be more inclusive, more diverse and empowering.”