When you are in an industry that heavily relies on technology and research, it is important that you keep your costs low to remain competitive, while differentiating yourself on the market through innovation. Whether you are developing a new food supplement or a cleaning compound, your research and development budget might spiral out of control if you are not careful. Below you’ll find a few tips on how to save money on running your research facilities.




You don’t have to develop all the compounds and technologies yourself. There are some great open source technologies you can use or buy to make your research lab work better and more effectively. From research lab software to the latest designs, there are plenty of inventions out there. Remember that running an effective research lab is not about reinventing the wheel. From working with other companies on projects and sharing the inventions as well as the costs to taking part in research projects at your local college or hospital, there are several collaboration options you should consider.


Facilities Sharing


You might need a controlled environment for your lab, or only need the facilities for a short period of time each month. Teaming up with other companies can help you keep your costs low, and still take advantage of the facilities. You can hire a university lab for your research and development projects at a discounted price.


Patent Yourself


Instead of paying a legal department to deal with patenting your inventions and frameworks, you might submit the applications online. It is easy to get an account with the Patents Office and register your intellectual property using the online services. This will help you keep your costs low and prevent other companies from taking advantage of your hard work.




The main problem is that most tech firms don’t get enough funding, and you will have to squeeze your research budget. At the same time, there are great companies offering cost-effective services. Whether you need the best pipette calibration service or a professional academic writer to publish your findings and patents, you will find a company that is flexible and can meet your needs.




In case you don’t have the staff to do your research and run the facility, conduct the experiments and document the results, you can get in touch with a local technology college or university and hire apprentices. If you build strong links with higher education research labs, you will get talented students bringing you a lot of new ideas and you can take advantage of specialized, well trained workforce at an affordable price in exchange for providing them with training and experience in their selected field. Running your company’s research and development department can be challenging. Make sure that you create a strict budget and stick to it. Seek collaboration with higher education institutions, other companies, and research facilities to share the financial costs and reduce your expenses. Learn how to patent your intellectual property and save on legal costs.