Save Time by Making Pay Stubs Online



If there is one thing, we can all agree on, it's that time is money. Today more than ever this statement is absolutely true. It doesn't matter if you are an employer in a small, medium, or large company, or if you are an employee, for everyone it's important to make every minute have the added value it deserves. Companies talk about productivity as one of the mandatory actions that lead to profitability. The same goes for employees. Those who are more productive can aspire to better positions or simply to finish the job in a smart way. In less time and better done. That's exactly what we'll talk about today. How to do smart work and drive the culture of self-directed learning.



Save Time by Making Pay Stubs Online

Payment, administration, and accounting processes in a company are usually the most tedious and time-consuming, when they are still done in a "traditional" way. That is to say, on paper and using a lot of personnel who have to fill out forms, be aware of tax reforms and at the same time take other human resources issues to the letter. What´s the reason to perform obligations in such an inefficient way, when today technology cannot make professionals more efficient? That's why today we'll talk about how making pay stubs online saves time. And money!


But what is a pay stub?


Many employers only delegate the function of making pay stubs. Many employees just receive their pay and documents, put them away and don't get involved in the importance of their pay stub. In truth, this information should be known by all those who employ or are employees. It's your obligation, but also remember that knowledge will always be cheaper than the lack of it. A pay stub is a document that an employer gives to an employee when payment is made for his or her services. It includes specific information about the reason for the payment, as well as the period of work for which the payment is being made, the employee's earnings statement, contributions, taxes, and other payroll-related information. This document is vitally important because it´s the net pay stub, i.e., the employee's take home pay, net of taxes and withholdings. The creation of these pay stub can now be simplified through digital tools, by doing it online with pay stub makers that are designed to fulfill the same functions as the traditional way of doing it, but with the bonus of eradicating the human error factor.


How do I save time making pay stub online?


The first thing you should know is that using this type of technology does not mean that you must acquire expensive software for your company or that you need a computer technician for its correct execution. Everything is done through online platforms in a very simple way, and it also promotes the culture of self-directed learning. This means that the company acquires knowledge according to its needs without having to take courses or training to learn how to use a pay stub maker. The platforms are so noble that they encourage people related to human resources, accounting, or administration departments to execute a self-directed learning, step by step, learning as the process progresses, how to allow an online platform to do our work efficiently. An online pay stub generator only requires the following information to be filled out personally:

  • Company information. (Address, email, company name)
  • Employee information. (Full name, address, email)
  • Income information. (Period of work for which to be paid, annual income, frequency of payment whether weekly, biweekly, daily, etc., and check number)
  • Deduction information. (Income tax, union dues, life insurance, etc., and the amount of each deduction)


And that's it! When you click continue, the pay stub will automatically arrive in the employee's mailbox and with a copy to the employer. In minutes you can do what would normally take hours. Plus, with a pay stub maker you forget about having to file massive amounts of paper that become inaccessible when you need to search for a pay stub from a long time ago and must dig through piles of paperwork. With a paystub generator you save time by having everything just a click away. Saved in the company's email or in the same digital platform of the pay stub generator, which in many cases, for an extra cost, carries the complete list of workers, payments, and withholdings, in an internal digital cloud that allows you, with your user number as a company, chronological access to any date required to be consulted, practically immediately. The best thing about saving time by doing online pay stubs is that you obviously save money as well. Think about it. If, instead of investing time and personnel in doing repetitive work by hand, you let a digital platform do it for you, you can invest people's time in other more productive tasks that do require their face-to-face work and that, at this moment, cannot be replaced by any other technology. The pay stub generators are at the hands of all companies and there's no excuse not to venture into self-directed learning, push us to modernity and let us help us with cutting-edge technology. After all, when a company generates self-sufficient mechanisms and employees who can teach themselves how to work with digital tools, growth and profits automatically replicate exponentially.