Waste is a huge problem for business large and small across the globe - from waste of products to waste of time and energy. We are living in an age where we are increasingly aware of the detrimental impact that human behaviour and activity is having on the world we live in. A huge part of the problems that the environment is facing can be traced back to wastefulness. The oceans are filling up with plastic as a result of convenience


and packaging and one use products. It’s not all too surprising that increasing numbers of business owners are focusing on reducing the negative footprint that their companies are having on the planet by minimising the amount of products that are flung aside in the production and manufacturing process, as well as by consumers once the product provided has been used. Waste is also extremely problematic for businesses large and small in regards to time. Every working day, hours can be wasted in trivial tasks that serve little to no purpose. Employees efforts could be better channeled elsewhere with more profitable results. Wasted material


wasted time all eat into business’ profit, as money is funnelled into items and tasks unncessarily. But how can you prevent this from happening? This is where lean consulting comes into play!

What Is Lean Consulting?

When you engage with lean consulting, you are put in touch with professional lean manufacturing consultants who can survey your business and its current methods of operation. They will then use lean methodologies to advise and guide your business practice in the right direction, resolving problems, and reducing waste.

What Are Lean Methodologies?

Lean methodologies are based on “lean thinking”. This is an ideology that can be applied to all sorts of aspects of life, but which can prove extremely useful and profitable in business in particular. Put simply, lean methodologies focus on preventing the waste of time, resources, or money in any given area of your business and its operation. It optimises your business’ process by reducing inefficiency and preventing unnecessary waste.

Choosing the Right Consultant

When choosing a lean manufacturing consultant, you should look for someone with previous experience. Many business owners make the wrong




can reduce waste in a company or even that they could carry the work out themselves. This isn’t necessarily the case. Sure, there are some clear areas where waste can be reduced. But it will take a professional with experience to notice small aspects of your business that could be changed with major effect. While you may not have heard of lean consulting before, hopefully, the above advice can help you to see the different benefits that lean consulting can hold for your small business. Incorporate it into your business plan today for the biggest benefits!

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