Dropshipping is a store fulfillment approach where a store does not keep the products or items it sells in inventory. In fact, when a store markets a product, it acquires the product from another person and has it delivered directly to the buyer. By doing this, the merchant never handles or see the product. The main difference between the standard retail model and dropshipping is that the selling retailer doesn't stock or have inventory. Rather, the retailer purchases products as needed from an outside party – usually a manufacturer or wholesaler – to fulfill orders. We make out that your revenue can’t increase without the ideal tools, so we have done a lot of research to unearth the best dropshipping smart apps to boost sales which work perfectly on your ecommerce platform, be it Shopify, Woocommerce, etc. or your self-developed ecommerce store. However, with tons of smart apps to choose from, it can be hard to come by the ones that will actually assist you to increase revenue. These smart apps will help you increase traffic to your store, sell your product or service, reward your clients, and handle shipping and inventory so you can generate more revenue. Therefore, look at it, our list of must-have smart apps for dropshipping business owners which can be integrated into your ecommerce stores:



The first on our list is one of the best

inventory management system

for ecommerce – easy and effortless to use it handles efficiently inventory, sales order, purchases, payments, and fulfilment. It is an effective system for thriving business dealing with conventional offline distribution and online ecommerce revenue. EMERGE complete suite of features oversees your whole operation from multi-channel revenue to purchasing, inventory, product, simple accounting management and raw material management. If you are running a dropshipping, this smart app is necessary for the growth of your business. In fact, this smart app is a must for every dropshipping business owners - the app beats its expectations.


2. Better Shipping

This smart app sets shipping and delivery based on postal/zip code and per product. Then again I apply it for maxing out earnings by charging different rates for shipping different items or products as well. Shipping and delivery can ruin you if you don’t bill the right price. The margins are smaller in ecommerce, which means you have to be suspicious of things that can screw your dropshipping business. One more thing I employ this app for is offering cost-free shipping if customers order over a certain amount of dollars. I am sure that the free shipping will prod much more visitors to purchase.


3. Abandonment Protector

At times someone may be on your store adding products to their cart, and they eventually exit the website without ordering. There are numerous logical reasons why, but this app retrieves potential buyers who just leave the cart and reminds them through email. It is possible to send lots of emails motivating them to proceed with the order. This looks like retargeting, but just for shoppers who were extremely close to purchasing. These are ultra-stunning leads.

4. Pixel Perfect

If you are not a geek, this app is a lifesaver. It set up the Facebook pixel for all single event devoid of coding. As an example, when someone clicks through to your website and views a particular category, the Facebook pixel will amass all of the data. It records these actions: ViewContent, PageView, ViewNiche, ViewCategory, InitiateContent, AddToCart, and Purchase Events. You will see how potent this app is when you pull together this much data pertaining to your visitors into the pixel.


5. MailChimp

Dropshippers needs to build email lists. This integrates into your ecommerce store or Shopify to your MailChimp account in order to collect your visitor's emails. It is freely available till you reach 2,000 email lists, and then prices differ. This gets incredibly effective when you have a look at the backend and notice what can be done. You can group your list according to their country, what they purchased, when they last order etc.


6. Recommendify

This app can get you more money. It cross-sells items or products to steer more revenue per buyer. Here’s a good example: If you’re promoting men’s sunglasses, someone viewing your website might also want to consider hats, sunglass cases, watches, wallets etc. This app helps you to promote any other products you pick out.

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