Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast Series features the Minister of State Naokazu Takemoto, for Japan’s Science and Technology Policy. Dinis Guarda’s detailed conversation with the Minister, a veteran political leader, touched on key questions both concerning his background, career and political positions within the Japanese government, as well as highlighting Japan’s technology advancements, including the innovative Society 5.0 concept.

In the beginning of the interview, the Minister delved into his extensive background and professional journey. He attended Kyoto University, as well as Berkeley and Columbia Universities. Commencing his career as a civil servant in Tokyo, he eventually made his way into the parliamentary arena, where he has dedicated 25 years of service. Minister Takemoto has taken on roles such as Parliamentary Secretary for Economy, Trade and Industry; Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Labour and Welfare; and Senior Vice-Minister of Finance. Moreover, he has held the position of Minister of Construction and assumed the role of Chairperson for numerous political committees. He serves now as Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy in Japan.

Asked by CEO and host Dinis Guarda, Minister Takemoto emphasized Japan's status as a worldwide leader in science and technology, along with the government's endeavors that have propelled it to this stature. The key to the success started in the 1960s, when Japan directed its investments toward education, science, and technology. Efforts that are now paying off as the nation enjoys a prominent global position today.



Japan's Society 5.0 Vision

Minister Takemoto also introduced Japan's Society 5.0 vision of Economic, Tech and Social Impact development. Society 5.0 is a visionary concept that envisions the next stage of human society's evolution, building upon previous industrial revolutions. It represents a harmonious integration of cutting-edge technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and robotics, with societal and human values. The goal of Society 5.0 is to create a human-centered and sustainable society, where technology serves as a powerful tool to address complex challenges and enhance the well-being of individuals and communities.

At its core, Society 5.0 seeks to leverage advanced technologies to resolve pressing issues in various sectors such as healthcare, transportation, urban planning, and more. This concept envisions seamless connectivity between digital and physical realms, where data-driven insights and automation lead to optimized resource allocation, improved decision-making, and enhanced quality of life. By utilizing innovations like smart cities, personalized healthcare, and efficient energy management, Society 5.0 aims to create a society where technology bridges gaps, fosters inclusivity, and fosters a more sustainable and prosperous future for humanity.

A Resilient Country

Minister Takemoto shared how Japan is a resilient country and has recovered from many national tragedies and that Japan's future looks bright despite the challenges of COVID-19.

Japan's Minister of State for, Science and Technology Policy, Naokazu Takemoto, stated in Dinis Guarda citiesabc video interview: "As a nation with two-thousand years of history, and no natural resources, Japan has kept its traditions and learned how to be innovative and competitive. Japan is one of the top 10 countries in the world with more Nobel Prizes and a leading country in life expectancy."



The interview was hosted by Dinis Guarda, an author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and a global influencer in Blockchain, AI, Metaverse and more by Thinkers360 and other platforms. He is the founder and Chairman of techabc, and ztudium that powers citiesabc, a digital transformation platform, to empower, guide and index cities with digital solutions for cities and citizens.

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