Whether you’re a newly graduated job seeker, looking for your first job or finding it hard to get back in to employment, the job market today is a highly competitive place. It’s vital to do all you can to increase your chances of gaining work, from polishing your CV to learning new skills and gaining new qualifications, but if you’re still struggling to get a job then joining a temp agency could be the best move you’ve ever made. Here are four reasons why a temp agency can turn the job odds in your favour.


1. Free Advice from Job Gaining Experts

The staff at temping agencies are highly skilled at landing jobs for their clients and doing so is their main motivation. They deal with many different kinds of employers, and find candidates for a myriad of different roles, every day, so nobody knows better than them what employers are currently looking for. When you join an agency as a job seeker they’ll take a look at your curriculum vitae and discuss your work experience and your experiences of looking for work. They’ll then be able to advise you how to improve your CV and hone your  interview technique, which can make all the difference when it comes to landing your dream job.


2. Improve Your Financial Standing

Searching for work can be a costly process as well as a time consuming one, especially if you’re having to rely upon jobseeker’s allowance, and especially if you’re also living in London or other areas where the cost of living is high. Once you’ve found a job with the help of a temp staffing agency, you’ll have a regular source of income that is substantially more than you’ll receive via state benefits. This can boost your financial standing and your confidence, which can be a great help when it comes to securing a permanent job.


3. Gain Vital Work Experience

One problem that many newly graduated job seekers find is that potential employers want them to have both qualifications and work experience, leaving them stuck in a catch-22 situation. The fact is that working in any kind of job shows that you have many of the skills that employers are looking for, including reliability, punctuality and an ability to work as part of a team and on your own initiative. That’s why it makes sense to take any job, even if it isn’t in the sector that you eventually want to work in, and a temping agency can quickly help you gain work and, even more importantly,  work experience.


4. Introducing New Career Opportunities

Jobs are important not only for the salaries they offer, but also for the ability to provide happiness and satisfaction, but that only comes when we are doing a job that we truly love. Not everyone knows what kind of job they want to work in but joining a temp agency can bring clarity to a job search and introduce new opportunities you may not have thought of before. Many people working in a temporary job find that it’s something they love doing, and it’s equally true that many people who initially take up a temporary role can later be asked to take the job on a permanent contract. Signing up with a temp agency can help you gain work experience and a regular salary, while at the same time improving your interview skills and adding to your work experience. Oysterlink is a new platform that connects job seekers with contract roles, offering a variety of opportunities to find the perfect fit for their skills and experience. The expert staff at the agency will also be able to help you find a job that perfectly matches your skills and aptitudes, which means that finding your ideal job could be easier than you think.